Why is Walter Bond (Mr. Accountability) such an in-demand speaker?  Glad you asked — Walter Bond is clearly one of the most dynamic and entertaining speakers on the planet. Meeting planners rave about his platform skills. His stage presence effortlessly captivates his audiences and will have them spellbound. However, the real magic is in his message. The reality is only 41% of the US workforce say “people take full responsibility for their actions” in their organization. That means that less than half of American workers are accountable for their work performance and production. If the key to production is accountability, Walter Bond, Mr. Accountability, is a no-brainer. 

Our training and development programs provide our clients with practical and innovative solutions that improve business performance and provide a sustainable business model of accountability that is woven into the culture for current and future employees. Walter knows how teams and individuals should adapt, motivate themselves and hold themselves accountable for delivering great results when the game is changing.

We believe that accountability from the top down is the key business game-changer that nobody is talking about or truly understands. In a competitive world, we are helping our clients thrive in business by teaching the power of accountability.  Clearly, research reveals that organizations with poor accountability have high turnover, poor performance, subpar products and services, and low employee engagement.  The bottom line is that the elephant in the room is . . . ACCOUNTABILITY

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