Build you Legacy

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I got three kids, and this is why you got to get access, so you can make life easier for your kids. “Well ain’t nobody do nothing for me,” oh your mindset is jacked up. “Ain’t nobody do nothing for me, so I ain’t gonna do nothing for my kids,” you ain’t thinking about your legacy. Right now it’s like a track meet, you running a four by one, 100-meter dash. Four by one, and your baton is in your hand, and let me tell you something. I want you to run as strong as you can, as fast as you can, as hard as you can, and one day you’re gonna get old. One day, your knees gonna buckle, and your son is gonna be right behind you. Your daughter’s gonna be right behind you, and at a track meet, they yell, “Stick!” and you got to make a successful handoff to the athlete in front of you. And that’s your son, that’s your daughter, so can you do me a favor? You got to get on that track and run, because the baton is in your hand right now. And to me 50 grand ain’t enough to live your dreams, to me 80 grand ain’t enough to live your dreams. Who’s trying to live in that big house, who’s trying to live in that big car, who’s trying to retire with some real money in the bank? Ladies and gentlemen, you guys know the average American only has $1,500 in savings? You’re a car accident away from going broke.


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