Independence day, are you ready

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Freedom! Man I love the Fourth of July and here’s why: Fourth of July’s not about hot dogs, it’s not about barbecue, it’s not about how many beers you can drink. Fourth of July represents freedom. I want to ask you a question: are you free? Are you free from emotional bondage that might’ve happened in middle school, high school? Are you free on your job to be the best you that you can be? When you go home, are you free to be yourself, to express yourself, to communicate yourself? Are you free to go into a room full of strangers, walk in with confidence and own the room? Ladies and gentlemen, as your next level coach, my job is to make sure that you’re free in every area of your life and the only way that you can get free is that you have to be fundamentally sound. That’s why we make sure that we get into your mindset. That’s why we really, really support coaching. That’s why it’s so important for you to invest in you. Make sure that if you don’t like me as your mentor coach, go find somebody else, but you need a mentor. You need a coach. Someone who has experienced freedom and someone that can help you be free. I’m on a mission to make sure that you get to your next level of freedom and all of like disciplines. Make sure my friend, once you get free, help someone else get free. Pay it forward. Fourth of July’s not about the hot dogs and the burgers. Fourth of July is a great holiday because it represents freedom. When you get to your next level, you will be free.


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