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Well the reason I love Walter Bond’s speech so much is because his enthusiasm is so infectious. I mean uh, sales is a transfer of emotion or transfer of energy, and that’s what we really felt in his presentation. He’s a fantastic speaker, we’ve had big audiences and small audiences. He’s done an eleven city tour over two weeks and what he was really able to do was connect with the client. Thank you Walter Bond, you are amazing. I’m waiting in line to get your book and your CDs signed, I’m super excited to be here. He was probably just the best motivational speaker I have ever heard before, he’s really great. I have a tremendous amount of respect because he did what business owners do, he didn’t get this thing kind of handed to him. Walter Bond is teaching you how to build your business or have a great life because he started from scratch himself. This individual is a business expert and he’s a highly sought-after professional speaker as there is and he’s the founder of the Bond Group. This Bond Group organization impacts companies, professionals at all levels, on the power of being accountable. I could tell you as a Marine officer, we were all held accountable. I said ’cause what do I need to do to play in the NBA? He said, “Do two things, and you can play in the NBA. Lose 20 pounds and shoot a three-point shot with range, and you can play in the NBA. I think you should be a motivational speaker, son. But if you lose 20 pounds and shoot a three-point shot with range, you can play in the NBA.” Walter Bond played professional basketball for NBA teams such as the Utah Jazz, Detroit Pistons and the Dallas Mavericks, and as a highly acclaimed international speaker and entrepreneur, Walter delivers more than 100 life-changing keynotes and seminars each year. What do I need to do, to be franchisee of the year? Ron, what do I need to do? You see me operate, you see what I’m doing! I’m tired of making excuses, I’m tired of justifying! What do I need to do? I went to that coach’s office for four years. It started as a dope. I’ll tell you what Jonas, transitioning out of sports is tough for anybody. Your whole life is sold out to the sport and then one day it’s taken away and now you’ve got to figure out the next plan and you haven’t had time to make a plan because it takes such a commitment to pay for sports. Any cliche that makes reference to fellowship, never makes reference to age. “Birds of a feather…” He’s got an incredible story, in fact, I was talking to him this morning. I was amazed at his charisma and I was amazed, I was like how did you sit on the bench as a college basketball player and then get in the NBA? He has done an incredible job, connecting with the audience and just delivering a message that I think that is so powerful that the clients can take back to their practices and implement.


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