Business world. What is your promise

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Hello world, this is Walter Bond. Listen, I got an epiphany today that’s going to put money in your pocket. I don’t care if you’re an individual, I don’t care if you’re a company executive, hear me clearly. I just keynoted at LensCrafters, okay, international brand. And if you wear glasses you know LensCrafters. And their promise to their customers were glasses in about an hour. Remember Domino’s Pizza? I loved Domino’s pizzas in college, not because it was good, it tastes like cardboard, but they had a promise. If that pizza was not there in 30 minutes, it was free. I remember my buddies, I’m sure you do too, ordering Domino’s and hoping they were late so we can get free pizza. Please show up at 31 minutes, 32 minutes, 33 minutes. We would synchronize our watches and hope that Domino’s was late ‘cuz they promised, they guaranteed free pizza that’s not there in 30 minutes. So, as an executive as a professional, what’s your promise? If I hire you to work for me, what’s your promise? As a company, go to your business meeting, call a special meeting and say you know what, I just saw this video from Walter Bond, and he’s right. What’s our promise? I mean, we’re trying to get people to buy our software, we’re trying to get people to buy our franchise, we’re trying to get people to allow me to be their financial advisor, but I’m not getting up, giving them a promise. I’m not giving them a guarantee. Okay, every infomercial, give some type of promise, some type of guarantee. Oh man, I just got that epiphany today. The business world revolves around promises and guarantees. Your next level is about your ability to make a promise, and watch this, then deliver on your promise. Make a guarantee, then deliver on your guarantee. And ladies and gentlemen, you can thank me, love it, later. And I promise you one thing, I’m exhausted and I promise you I’m gonna take me a nap here soon, but I want you to make sure you make promises and you make guarantees as an individual and as a company. And if you can do that and deliver, we all will get to that next level. I’m out, see you guys tomorrow.


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