Game day

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Hey, this is Walter Bond. Listen, I’ll make this real brief. I am headed to the ballroom. How do I look? Ting! Listen, I have a big insurance event today. Let me let you peek into the ballroom. Wrapping up a conference, I’m the closer. This is an incentive trip for a bunch of insurance reps. Okay, did you see it? Alright I’m going in, in about 20 minutes. Here’s my message today. It’s gonna be simple, it’s gonna be brief, it’s gonna be powerful. These are top insurance reps. I mean these guys probably make a million bucks on up, and my job is to teach them how to make more. My job is to teach you how to do more, and here’s a reality. For us to grow in business, we need to grow internally. And so I’m gonna talk about, are my seven core fundamentals. Can I share them with you real quick? One. Mindset, you got to think about what you think about. Two. We all need to become impact players, all right. That’s, that’s key number two. You got to make sure that you have impact, don’t be a fender bender. I want you to be a collision everywhere you go, you have impact. Key number three. Habits and rituals. You know when I played pro ball, we had habits and rituals. You know why Steph Curry shoots the ball so well? Because he works at it. I mean he probably shoots about a thousand shots a day. I’ll tell people he’s not a basketball player, he’s an engineer. I mean he knows exactly how much lift, how much arc, how much touch to put on each and every shot because he’s an engineer. Key number three, one of my teaching methods I teach in my coaching program is called the Power of Two. Every year you gotta focus on two things. It’s gonna get you bigger, stronger and faster, and that’s key number five. Continuous improvement. Can’t stay the same, you know if you hear me speak in 2018, I promise you in 2019 Walter Bond is gonna be bigger, stronger and faster. You can do that. You need to get bigger, stronger and faster. Don’t ever stay the same. I mean, what is your power of two? You know, what are the two things holding you back from your next level, okay? And finally, success is a team sport. I have a great team with me, and a lot of people think Walter Bond and give me the credit. No, my job is easy. I got people grinding with me, we got my wife grinding with me, Kirstin grinds with me, Daniel you grind with me. You guys don’t know these people, but these are my trainers, these are my coaches, these are my marketers, and one of them is my ultimate teammate, my wife. So, that’s my message. You know what, mindset baby, you got to think about what you think about. Two, be an impact player. Three, power of two. Four, habits and rituals. Five, continuous improvement. Six, I forgot one, accountability. Okay, stop blaming other people. Stop blaming me, your mama, and your daddy. Wasn’t how you were raised. You know what, right now, you’re in charge, okay. And stop blaming others. If you are not accountable, you’re stuck. You got to be able to look up and say you know what, my fault, my bad. Your little world ain’t perfect, my life ain’t perfect, but I try not to blame people, and you can’t either, okay? I almost forgot accountability. And you, if you really think about it, that’s what got Adam in trouble. The lack of accountability, and God got angry. Why? Because Adam said you, you, you sinned against me, Adam. He said, well it’s that woman you sent to me. Adam blamed his woman. Men, I’m talking to you. Okay, listen, I gotta go do what I do, but those are my seven core fundamentals and I tell stories with each and every one. And when I’m done with these insurance agents, they might make one million right now, but they’re gonna make two next year. Why? Because Walter Bond is about to be an 18 car pileup. I’m about to be a collision. That’s a little goofy right there. Anyway, this is how I impact the world, three ways. Personal development baby, not many people better than what I do. I’m not bragging, I’m not being arrogant, I’m just telling you the truth. I’ve been put on this earth to help you develop. Two, business fundamentals. If you want to make more money in business, you got to be fundamentally sound. Three, if you got a story to tell, if you want to be a speaker, I got you. Go to and buy something and get in our world. And I promise you, I can help you think better. I can help you execute better, and I’m gonna help you win better. Walt Bond is headed to the ballroom to do what he do.


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