The NBA now knows that All Buts Stink!

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All right team, we did it. I’m leaving Charlottesville, Virginia. Last night I opened up the conference for the NBA Top 100, which are the top 100 high school basketball players in the country, and these kids are on the verge of their dream coming true. And you should have seen, oh my God, they were locked in, and mom and dad were locked in too, and everyone got the book All Buts Stink. And then they heard about our online course. Now they want me to build a custom course on All Buts Stink, just for these high school players and also for the NBA rookies. So, here’s my announcement. This course is available to you, all you need to do is hit the link, join the movement. Until we eliminate excuses, we will not reach our potential. These athletes heard it last night, but more importantly, I want you to know that your buts stink too. So, do the course, join the movement, be a part of it. Your company, your division, take your kids through it, All Buts Stink. Until I eliminated my excuses, I would have never reached my potential. So, you got to understand I’m on a mission. All Buts Stink, and I promise you, once you eliminate your excuses, you will be well on your way to living all your dreams, because your dreams can come true. But you got to make sure no excuses are around you, and that’s the only thing that can hold you back because I believe that no one can stop you, but you. Hit the link, enjoy the course, and we’ll talk to you soon.


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