Lead by example

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Lead your company by following through with your promises and keeping your word. Don’t be the person that says what others want to hear, that doesn’t help anyone. When you mess up, own it and move on. Show your team that it is not about the mistake that you make, but the way you handle it with honesty and integrity.

Liberate your team from the perfection expectation

We should all strive for excellence, but we will never be perfect. Trust issues in the workplace often stem from people being so concerned about maintaining a perfect reputation that they are willing to do or say anything. Free your team from the expectation of perfection, and put an emphasis on solid work ethic, honesty, and transparency over perfection.

Be consistent

Trust takes time to build, and even more time to repair once it is broken. If there are trust issues in your workplace, remember that consistency is key to building trust. It will not happen overnight. As you continue to be accountable your actions and hold others accountable, as you admit to mistakes and are quick to forgive, as you set the expectation for honesty and integrity high, slowly but surely you will begin to build a foundation of trust.

A team that trusts each other is unstoppable. This week, when you make a mistake, own it and use it as a teaching opportunity to model humility, accountability, and integrity. Then watch your team follow suite.

Truth starts with truth and ends with truth.

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