There’s been a lot of change in the past eight months. 

72% of businesses have adopted “significant transformation programs” in the last 6 months. 

73% of executives have had to reassess their outlook for growth.

With all the head-spinning changes and adjustments companies are making to keep up in 2020, it’s all too easy to overlook the health of your most important asset – your team. Especially if your workers are all in different places…. 

Here are 4 unmistakable signs that you might be starting to lose with battle what we like to call “remote rot”. 

See if any of these sound familiar:  

1. “We’ve had more than one talk about quality, and it’s still an issue.”
The freedom of working at home has come at a high price – added stress from poor work location, school-aged children, pets, and a million other distractions. As stress snowballs, quality of work inevitably takes a hit. And so does their ability to maintain their passion about what they do….

2.  “We’re just not seeing the passion we had a few months ago”
According to a recent Gallup poll, 52% of employees are not engaged at work – in other words,  “psychologically unattached” , putting a lot of time but minimal energy into tasks. Believe it or not, this has A LOT to do with management’s ability to keep your team inspired, and distractions down to a minimum. The question is – are your managers trained to rise to the challenge?

3.  “People are starting to show signs of being unhappy”
It starts with the rumblings. Tension between employees. Tension between management. Disputes that take longer and longer to solve. 47% of remote workers have reported common workplace disputes “dragging on for weeks or more.” Ultimately, this is a sign of creeping burnout.
Which leads to the next sign….

4.  “We’re starting to see more and more  PTO requests”
This one is the kiss of death. A dramatic uptick in time off requests could mean that more of your workers are quickly reaching their breaking point – or looking elsewhere.

So what do you do about it? 

Bring in the cure.  

Check out our remote training program for helping business leaders avoid the problems that come with an overtaxed team of managers, and disconnected, stressed-out work force. 

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