If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. To take advantage of the countless benefits of an off season, you must go into it with purpose and intent.

If you’ve never experienced the power of an off season, start planning today. Once you hear these 5 W’s (and the H) you’ll be pumped to plan an off season that is destined to change the way you live and lead.  

The Who

Your absence, regardless of the reason or the duration, will have an impact on your business. However, being proactive in setting your team up for success during your off season will give them more power and you less stress. Discuss your plans with the people who work with you and for you, and give them the tools they need to be successful while you’re away. Your employees and coworkers will pay close attention to the way you manage your off season, both before you go and when you get back, and will follow your lead when it comes to their off season planning. Be courteous of the people around you and give everyone plenty of notice so they can be successful while you are away.

Your off season does not have to mean total and utter seclusion from the rest of the world. You do not have to hide away from the world to have a powerful off season. On the contrary, you could use your off season as a time to connect with mentors and expand your network in a way that you can’t do during your regular professional life. This is a time for coffee meetings with people who inspire you, joining a sports team, book club or Bible study. This is a time to pick the brain of someone more successful than yourself, to start seeing a counselor, or to reconnect with your spouse. Your relationships are critical to your success, and your off season is the perfect time to foster those relationships.

In the Off Season audio download, you’ll learn practical steps to manage the people in your life in a way that makes them feel confident in running things while you’re away. You’ll also learn signs that your off season is turning into a “work from home” season and how to back off when you need to.   The beautiful thing about our new off season audio download is that you can listen to it at the gym, as you are driving in your car, while you’re walking your dog or any other time that is convenient for you.

The When

The first thing you’ll need to decide when it comes to planning a powerful off season is how much time you’re going to take. You will also need to determine what part of the year makes the most sense for you to do some serious self-reflection and business analysis. Your off season is just that: yours. You may decide to take a week off, you may choose to take a month off. There is no right or wrong duration for an off season. The only rule is that it needs to be long enough to help you feel recharged and refocused, but not too long that you lose your momentum.

In the off season audio download, we discuss the importance of time management when it comes to your off season. When you choose to schedule this time will have a significant impact on your results. Is the beginning of the year better for your off season? How do you know how much time is enough time? All of this is covered in this exceptional resource.

The Where

Once you decide how the duration of your off season, you’ll need to decide on a location. Will you be staying home or do you need a change of scenery? If you are a parent, packing up and leaving the family might not be realistic, but you can still find a calm space, free of distractions, to plan and reflect on your current business model. If you have the freedom and flexibility, spend your off season in a place you’ve never been, or in a city that brings back fond memories. The whole idea is to find inner peace and calm and to give yourself the space for radical self-improvement.

In the audio download, we’ll dive into the importance of creating a safe place; a place where you can be free of interruptions and distractions in order to give yourself the opportunity to focus and grow.

The Why

Once you know your “when” and your “where” it’s time to decide your why. Your “why” in life and in business is the fuel you need to keep your dreams moving forward. Your “why” is what motivates you when you are too sick, too tired, too busy, too lazy, or too lost to keep going. A solid understanding of the purpose of your off season is key in making it a successful one. Ask yourself what your goals are for this off season. Some examples could be:

  • Create a better marketing plan
  • Grow our customer database
  • Boost company morale
  • Strengthen company communication
  • Price/cost evaluation
  • Leadership training


Whatever it is that you feel that you need as a leader, and what your company needs to reach the next level, is what your focus should be for your off season.

To be honest, this is our favorite aspect of the entire download. It’s so paramount to your success, so critical in reaching the next level, and yet so many people ignore it. If you hear nothing else on this download,  take the time to really understand the why behind your off season. You will be amazed at how it changes your mindset and perspective.

In order to maximize the benefits of your off season, you need to be intentional about tapping into the different areas of your life that contribute to your success and happiness. This could mean starting an exercise routine, journaling or meditation. Your off season doesn’t have to be spent in an office crunching numbers. It should be spent focusing on the areas of your life that will make you feel happy, healthy and productive.

The How

Greg Reid once said “A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.” You can not wake up on day one of your off season and make it up as you go along. Days or weeks before your off season officially begins, you should start writing down your schedule and agenda for your time away. What will you do first thing in the mornings? What are some things you’ll do each night? Include pockets of unscheduled time to create a schedule that is flexible. Writing down your goals for this intentional time and your action steps will significantly increase your chances of planning a powerful off season.

Once you listen to the download, you’ll be ready to upgrade to the online training course, which gives you access to a comprehensive workbook and other resources that will take you step by step through how to create a powerful off season. This course allows you to identify and tackle big challenges, big obstacles and stay focused on big dreams.


Before we step into our off season, we always start with a challenge. We pick something that seems daunting, hard or scary and set it as our off season challenge (OSC.) This is something we want to accomplish, or at least put into practice, by the time we head back into work. This is something we are consistently working towards, and using our off season as a starting line for creating new habits and rituals that will get us out of our comfort zone and next level bound.

Your off season is intentional and necessary in order to be the leader you are capable of being. And the haters will have something to say about it, but we’ve got a few things to say to the haters who can’t appreciate a smart business move. A powerful off season doesn’t happen on accident. It happens when you decide you are going to deliberately use this time for self-improvement, self-reflection and business planning.

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