Successful business owners have two things going for them: 

For one, they’re action-oriented. 

They see what needs to be done, set a goal for themselves and their team, and take steps to achieve those goals. 

Second, they’re very selective about HOW they set those goals. 

If your goals sound anything like “We need to accomplish XYZ”, I’m sorry to say – you’re just spinning your wheels. 

Every strategy session you have – alone or with your team – must end in goals that are SMART: 


How do you know if your goals are SMART? 

Test out whether you can fill out all five of the following sentences for a single goal: 

  • “I want to _____ so that I can ____. This will allow me to do ____, which will benefit _____, and have a long-term impact on ______. For this, I will need the help from (resources) and (people).”
  • “I want to have impacted (a certain number of) people’s lives by (date)”
  • “The goal ____ is achievable because this constraint is surpassable by using this and this resource; therefore, I will achieve it by doing this.”
  • “The goal ____ is relevant because I am dedicated to making it happen. My motivation behind it is ____, and the timing is perfect because _____. This goal goes in line with my efforts to achieve the vision I have, which is ____. I am the right person for it because _____, and it is realistically achievable in this situation because ____.”
  • “In six months from now, the work I will have done on this goal will have permitted me to ______. Similarly, in six weeks, I will have achieved _____. I can do _____ today to bring me closer to my goal.”

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