I loved my NBA career. For a moment in time I was among the best in the world. Riding buses with teammates Karl Malone and John Stockton, and with legendary coach Jerry Sloan riding up front. I played against Michael Jordan and saw the fire in his eyes that burned like an Olympic torch. Everywhere I turned were highly successful, uber-competitive over achievers. It was an exclusive club that was nearly impossible to get into. One of my greatest lessons from being on winning teams and around great achievers was on accountability.

All you heard was “my fault” or “my bad.” The ownership of mistakes and the demand for excellence was refreshing. In fact, a professional athlete’s entire off-season was devoted to personal improvement. A locker room of over achievers.

Then, I stumbled into my transition out of professional sports and into the business world. I honestly thought the atmosphere of excellence was a secret that only elite athletes understood. As our business grew and as I graduated out of speaking to high school kids in musty gymnasiums, I began to do awards and recognition programs. It exposed me to the best of the best within the corporate world. I would often converse backstage with these proud recipients. I began to relate to their confidence, commitment to excellence, and accountability – just like Stockton and Malone. I felt like I was back in the locker room and surrounded by over achievers. I’ve noticed that same fire burning from top-rated sales people, both men and women. It got me excited, and all of a sudden I felt back at home.

Here is the bottom line of what I’ve learned frolicking around two different worlds of excellence: accountability is the secret of high performers. You can’t have excellence without accountability. Excellence is not a state of being, excellence is a journey of improvement fueled by accountability.

How often do you say “my fault” or “my bad?” How often do you commit yourself to self-improvement? In our leadership training, you will notice the conversation about accountability is powerful. It’s the secret sauce to success by high performers. Our leadership training will change your life. Accountability didn’t start with the players, it began with our leader Jerry Sloan. Accountability in your culture begins with you.

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