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If it walks and talks like a leader…

Something interesting happens whenever I ask my coaching clients what “leadership” means to them.  Some people describe an exec whose words and direction are well-respected. Someone who sounds like a leader.  Others describe power, or showmanship – the look of leadership.  Neither are completely wrong….leaders do often need these qualities.  But is that what being […]

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Try this fun, free 5-minute exercise and find your path forward in 2021

It’s already Day 17 of our Motivation Madness Challenge. Crazy, right? A few words of wisdom to help you get more out of this month: On the path the self-development, it’s good to know what you’re already strong in – so you’ll know what to keep working on. If you downloaded “Peak Performers Secrets” (still available […]

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March Only – Level up your game for less with Walter Bond

If you can’t tell, we’re pumped for March Madness 2021.  Not just because it just might be the single-greatest postseason event in organized sports… …but also because of a very special March challenge.   Starting today, we’re giving you a chance to level-up your game for less.    From now until March 31st, you can get any […]

A message for National Mentor Month

“We must find time to stop and thank those who make a difference in our life”  John F. Kennedy  Take a second to imagine yourself scaling the side of a mountain. Every stone you grab, every inch you climb, takes you higher than you’ve ever been before. But a quick glance down reminds you how […]