“The problem human beings face is not that we aim too high and fail, but that we aim too low and succeed.” — Michelangelo

The single most important factor that impacts whether or not a person finds success – whether it be in their personal or professional lives -– is…


Think of it this way. The human brain LOVES a pattern.

What you think about day in and day out directly impacts what you do.

Not the other way around.

So it’s essential to get this foundational element right.

Again: mindset accounts for the primary distinction between who achieves success and who does not.

And if you’re serious about achieving success in any and all parts of your life, you must master yours.

If you don’t do anything else this month, start adopting these four mindsets of super-successful people:

1. Growth Mindset

A growth mindset thrives on challenges and sees any failures as opportunities for growth and as a stepping stone for your next move. Learning to cultivate a growth mindset is like planting a seed in rich soil. It encourages the plant to flourish from the start. Alternatively, planting a seed in earth that’s dry and barren is what we call a fixed mindset. You only set the plant up for failure from the very beginning.

2. Celebrating the success of others

Celebrating others’ success is important for your success. If that seems a little strange, here’s why you should: If you can’t celebrate others’ success, why would anyone celebrate yours?

When you celebrate others, you foster creativity and build community. And if you’re not where you want to be, your day will come. But until that day, you can always start by focusing on the good others are putting out into the world!

3. Embrace your mistakes

We’re conditioned to hide our shortcomings and lie to cover missteps in order to appear successful to our competitors, loved ones, and ourselves. Doing this will only HURT you in the long run.

Get rid of your buts

This one is HUGE.

It involves the way you speak to yourself – your internal vocabulary. If you want to be successful, take the word “but” out of the conversation!

In my line of work, I meet people all of the time who are unsettled. Folks have a concept or idea and it dies there. Their dreams end up dying because they’re too busy saying “no” to themselves and don’t know what to say “yes” to.

When I wrote my best-selling book All Buts Stink!, one of my main goals was to help teach people how to lock into their vision.

All Buts Stink! Is for for people who need to start saying YES. but don’t know how.

Here’s what a few happy readers had to say about it:

“Walter Bond is a gem. If he can’t fire you up … you’re dead.” – Don Sturgill

“This book has helped me usher out my “But’s” and do what I know to do. Very good teaching and read.” – Kim

“Walter is a tremendous speaker and this book is a great read. I mean, I watched the guy play ball at Williams Arena back in 1989 or 1990, sixth man then. Now he is the man! Couldn’t be happier for the guy and the points he fires at you are meant to stick.”
– SDhuntingdog4

With a positive mindset shift comes success. Are you ready to take command over your vision and future? If so, make the conscious decision to master your mindset to achieve the success you deserves.