We’re thankful for the experiences in our lives that have shaped us. We’re grateful for the people in our lives who tell us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear. We are grateful to you for following us and allowing Walter’s message to penetrate your personal and business life. We want to express our gratitude by giving you a FREE copy of our EBOOK… Get Bonded.

This funny, easy-to-read, and sometimes very personal book is a look into the life of Walter and Antoinette. It gets personal, folks, but we believe that being transparent with other people is what really inspires others towards change. We dive into the principles that have helped our marriage grow, the secrets of business that have helped us get to where we are, and the absolute truths our family stands by. We hope that you can use this book to not only get to know us on a more intimate level but to learn more about yourself. We’re honest about our struggles so that you can be too. In your free copy of Bonded, you’ll learn:

  • Secrets for embracing the single life
  • Tips on leading a healthy lifestyle
  • Why setting boundaries is so important
  • How to “reposition your circle.”
  • Who we think come #2 in marriage
  • And why we believe it is so important to get naked

Along with dozens of other truths that we hold on to and apply to our everyday lives. We wrote this book in an attempt to connect with you on a more personal level. We are more than an ex-NBA ball player and a COO of a motivational speaking endeavor. We are two people who have made a lot of mistakes, who have been given a lot of grace, and who are motivated to helping others. We love each other, we love our kids, and we love the life we’ve created for ourselves. And we want the same for you.

This book is a peek behind the scenes at who we are and why we do what we do. We hope you can apply some of the fundamentals to your life to reach the next level in both your personal life and in business.

Make a goal to reach out to those in your inner (and outer) circles today and express your gratitude for them. Make a phone call, send a personal text (and not a generic “I’m thankful for you!” text that you copy and paste to all of your contacts,) or even a handwritten note with specific details about how each person makes your life better. Being thankful without expressing it is like wrapping a gift but not giving it away. Don’t limit your thankfulness to Thanksgiving Day. Make it a habit of identifying the things in your life that you have.

Again, we’re thankful for your continued support in allowing us to reach people for change. We hope this holiday season is safe and surrounded by love.

We’re thankful for YOU.

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