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Walter Bond knows what it’s like to be discounted by everyone around you. He knows what it’s like to run up against seemingly insurmountable challenges, where everyone counts you out. He knows what it’s like to have moments where the challenges were winning and the circumstances were overwhelming.

Yet Walter Bond found a single truth that changed everything: “Peak Performers have no excuses for failure, only reasons for success!”

After several stellar high-school seasons, Walter earned a scholarship for the University of Minnesota’s basketball team. While a standout in high school, he rode the bench in college. Everyone on his team was a standout at their high schools. Walter became an average player compared to the rest of the team.

Walter was average and learned that the biggest group in life is called average. They are the people who are caught between what could have been, what could be and what is their present reality. He was stuck in the middle, between good and great.

One day, Walter told his father that the coach was not treating him right.  His father shared the truth with him –  “Son you are average, and you will continue to sit on the bench until you get better!  So suck it up and get tough!”

Walter changed his thinking and changed his attitude and went to work on getting better. He worked on getting tough, not just physically but more importantly, getting mentally tough! Walter won the award for “Most Improved Player” and became one of the leading players on the team. He went on to a stellar career in the National Basketball Association (NBA)!

Now retired from the NBA, Walter Bond shares lessons that empower, motivate and spark superstars to success. These lessons move middle players to take action by making them mentally tough and helping then break away from the crowded middle place called “average!”

In this incredible interview, Walter shares the following powerful points:

  • Don’t ever confuse your current state with your potential. One is a present reality, but the other is a future possibility that is waiting on one thing to change – YOU!
  • Don’t ever complain about what you can change! If you are presently making $40K and want $100K, you must become a different person!
  • People who achieve greater results are those who refuse to give lip service.  They do the work necessary to achieve great results!
  • Make a decision to become the most improved player in your sphere of influence.
  • Make a commitment to excellence.  A “C” student can become a “B” or an  “A” student once they make up their mind and commit themselves to excellence.
  • Work on your thinking and your attitude on a daily basis. We must update ourselves, just like we update our phones. When was the last time you updated you?
  • Make the commitment to develop your network and help others to succeed as you continue to help yourself!
  • Decide to think big and live big. Commit to Think, Execute and Dominate!

Dec. 16, 2015 / PRZen / LAS VEGAS & PALM BEACH, Fla.

Former NBA player and current top-ten motivational speaker, Walter Bond (, saw what Shannon and Sneath were creating and joined the company as a spokesman. Bond helped to recruit Joe McNaney of Wellington Capital and CellMark to become the CEO and Chief fundraiser this summer. Within two months, McNaney secured the funds the company needed to complete the final tweaks to AViwear’s AVIO platform.

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Disruption is the sexy word of the day in the business world. In fact, most of the conversations I have with entrepreneurs turn to “disruption.” And, why not? Our society rewards companies that rattle the food chain by executing the next brilliant idea.

The only way an organization can truly disrupt, however, is to bake innovation into its culture. Without innovative ideas, your attempts to disrupt will be futile. Innovation should never be a team-building exercise at your annual strategy session. Innovation must be the foundation of everything you do.

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Walter Bond Seminars, Inc., a motivational speaking and coaching services firm announces today the National Speakers Association in July 2015 inducted Walter Bond to the Council of Peers Award for Excellence Speaker Hall of Fame.

Only 232 men and women, 168 living today, have been honored to receive this lifetime award for reaching the top echelon of speaking excellence. Each candidate must excel in material, experience, style, delivery, image, professionalism and communication to get in. Upon learning of the award, Walter said “I’m honored to be part of such an elite group of speakers, many of whom inspired me to greatness.”

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With 9,138 speaker profiles, 188 expert topics, 74 directories and 17,316 events booked through eSpeakers software in 2014, we know a little something about speakers and subject matter experts.


This list is subjective. To choose the top experts on a particular topic, we considered several factors, including the number of positive reviews on their profile, events booked in the last year, buzz around the speaker, international footprint, industry designations, robust eSpeakers profile, and the personal enjoyment we received from listening to their presentation. The speakers were selected from the group of speakers we reviewed this year; they do not represent the best of any other time period. The selections were vetted by eSpeakers staff and our advisory board.

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Do you brighten up the room? Can you close the deal on how much people like you?

The first step is to pass the eye-ball test. Next, make sure you are not just communicating with your customer…but you are connecting. It’s important to build consensus in order to build trust.

My final thought in being a successful sales person – make sure everyone knows you, likes you, and trusts you.

Source: Tyler Morning Telegraph

Walter Bond didn’t start one basketball game in his college athletic career. Yet the Chicago native found himself starting for the Dallas Mavericks in 1992 during his first of three seasons in the NBA.

“I was one of the best basketball players in the world that you never heard of,” Bond told a crowd of about 150 during his first of two speeches Thursday at the Bright Ideas for Leadership and Success Conference at Green Acres Baptist Church’s CrossWalk Conference Center.

Bond said it was his sound fundamentals that enabled him to make it to the NBA and he transferred the same focus and work ethic to his second career as a motivational speaker. He is now one of the most sought after in his field worldwide, he said.

“I understand that peak performance is a process,” Bond said. “Whoever you are today is a point of reference.”

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Hunger 2 Succeed
 published an article on the Top 60 Motivational Speakers In The World. Walter Bond has been named on this list along with some of the most renowned motivational speakers in the world.

“27.    Walter Bond – Like many young men growing up in Chicago, Walter Bond dreamed of becoming an NBA athlete. Facing injuries and other challenges with unusual determination, he rose from being a reserve player coming off the bench to become the first rookie Free Agent to start for the Dallas Mavericks. This astonishing journey provides the foundation for the powerful principles Walter teaches today. Walter attributes his success to the power of accountability. Walter Bond is called “Mr. Accountability” because he compels audiences to take personal responsibility for their current situation, whatever it may be. Then he reveals how to harness and apply the power of accountability so that every listener can become a rock star.”

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When it comes to scouting undiscovered business talent,Giving You the Business host Walter Bond knows what to look for. The celebrated entrepreneur, franchise expert, and former NBA athlete is one of the world’s leading experts in sales, motivation, and leadership.

As a young man who refused to give up on his dreams, Walter overcame a devastating injury and went on to enjoy an eight-year professional basketball career. He later applied his on-the-court triumphs and teamwork to the business world when he and his wife became successful owners of a national franchise.

Today, Walter works as a consultant with the biggest names in franchising. Combined with his winning attitude, his astonishing journey provides the foundation for the principles he uses to empower others. A sought-after public speaker known as “Mr. Accountability”, Walter has helped hundreds of thousands of people transform self-limiting beliefs into self-empowering strategies.