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Who Are You, Really? – 2 Minutes

“What happens to you, happens to me”.

No matter your political views, your racial background, or your personal beliefs, we all can agree on one thing:

That tragic video set our world on fire.

Across the globe, millions are calling out, demanding immediate change.

But Sharks, change is a funny thing.

Real, earth-shaking change – the kind that brings better leaders, better communities, makes better human beings – starts on a battlefield only you can see.

Real change starts with addressing who you really are.

Not the social media version of you. Not who you show to your employees, your coworkers, your clients, or even your friends. The REAL you.

Today, I want you to take an honest look at how you stack up against these Four Qualities of Real Leaders.

Don’t let the moment pass.

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To Love and Genuine Change,

Walter Bond

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Hey Shark,

We’re all trying to adjust to the stress of working in a very different reality right now.

How’ve you been holding up?

You feeling a little frustrated?

Unsure, maybe?

Wishing things could just go back to the way they were before?

You might be tempted to slip into survival mode – doing the bare minimum just to get by.

A lot of people are.

But if you do, you’ll miss out on a golden opportunity… a chance to grow by leaps and bounds in your organization.

WATCH: How Winners Are Built In Times Like These [ 2 min]

Follow these FOUR powerful steps, and you’ll turn a very uncertain few months into an extremely successful year. There’s even a lesson in here from “the greatest basketball player of all time”.

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Wishing you good health, safety, and success,

Walter Bond


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The Most Important Business Lesson You’ll Learn This MONTH Is…

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This one is brief, but powerful.

COVID-19 has turned 2020 upside down, and businesses everywhere are, understandably, under stress.

But stressed DOES NOT mean defeated.

This video contains the most powerful lesson a business owner can learn in 2020.

Learn the difference between the mindset of an entrepreneur who will SOAR in the post-Covid-19 economy, and one who will just SURVIVE (maybe).

There’s one more thing you ought to know about coming out on top after Covid season…

…you’ve got to use this time to read, learn, and plan.

IF you haven’t already, check out my ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐-rated bestseller SWIM! How a Shark, a Suckerfish, and a Parasite Teach You Leadership, Mentoring, and Next Level Success.

Remember: Don’t just go through adversity – GROW through it![/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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Hey, this is Walter Bond. Listen, I’ll make this real brief. I am headed to the ballroom. How do I look? Ting! Listen, I have a big insurance event today. Let me let you peek into the ballroom. Wrapping up a conference, I’m the closer. This is an incentive trip for a bunch of insurance reps. Okay, did you see it? Alright I’m going in, in about 20 minutes. Here’s my message today. It’s gonna be simple, it’s gonna be brief, it’s gonna be powerful. These are top insurance reps. I mean these guys probably make a million bucks on up, and my job is to teach them how to make more. My job is to teach you how to do more, and here’s a reality. For us to grow in business, we need to grow internally. And so I’m gonna talk about, are my seven core fundamentals. Can I share them with you real quick? One. Mindset, you got to think about what you think about. Two. We all need to become impact players, all right. That’s, that’s key number two. You got to make sure that you have impact, don’t be a fender bender. I want you to be a collision everywhere you go, you have impact. Key number three. Habits and rituals. You know when I played pro ball, we had habits and rituals. You know why Steph Curry shoots the ball so well? Because he works at it. I mean he probably shoots about a thousand shots a day. I’ll tell people he’s not a basketball player, he’s an engineer. I mean he knows exactly how much lift, how much arc, how much touch to put on each and every shot because he’s an engineer. Key number three, one of my teaching methods I teach in my coaching program is called the Power of Two. Every year you gotta focus on two things. It’s gonna get you bigger, stronger and faster, and that’s key number five. Continuous improvement. Can’t stay the same, you know if you hear me speak in 2018, I promise you in 2019 Walter Bond is gonna be bigger, stronger and faster. You can do that. You need to get bigger, stronger and faster. Don’t ever stay the same. I mean, what is your power of two? You know, what are the two things holding you back from your next level, okay? And finally, success is a team sport. I have a great team with me, and a lot of people think Walter Bond and give me the credit. No, my job is easy. I got people grinding with me, we got my wife grinding with me, Kirstin grinds with me, Daniel you grind with me. You guys don’t know these people, but these are my trainers, these are my coaches, these are my marketers, and one of them is my ultimate teammate, my wife. So, that’s my message. You know what, mindset baby, you got to think about what you think about. Two, be an impact player. Three, power of two. Four, habits and rituals. Five, continuous improvement. Six, I forgot one, accountability. Okay, stop blaming other people. Stop blaming me, your mama, and your daddy. Wasn’t how you were raised. You know what, right now, you’re in charge, okay. And stop blaming others. If you are not accountable, you’re stuck. You got to be able to look up and say you know what, my fault, my bad. Your little world ain’t perfect, my life ain’t perfect, but I try not to blame people, and you can’t either, okay? I almost forgot accountability. And you, if you really think about it, that’s what got Adam in trouble. The lack of accountability, and God got angry. Why? Because Adam said you, you, you sinned against me, Adam. He said, well it’s that woman you sent to me. Adam blamed his woman. Men, I’m talking to you. Okay, listen, I gotta go do what I do, but those are my seven core fundamentals and I tell stories with each and every one. And when I’m done with these insurance agents, they might make one million right now, but they’re gonna make two next year. Why? Because Walter Bond is about to be an 18 car pileup. I’m about to be a collision. That’s a little goofy right there. Anyway, this is how I impact the world, three ways. Personal development baby, not many people better than what I do. I’m not bragging, I’m not being arrogant, I’m just telling you the truth. I’ve been put on this earth to help you develop. Two, business fundamentals. If you want to make more money in business, you got to be fundamentally sound. Three, if you got a story to tell, if you want to be a speaker, I got you. Go to Walterbond.com and buy something and get in our world. And I promise you, I can help you think better. I can help you execute better, and I’m gonna help you win better. Walt Bond is headed to the ballroom to do what he do.


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Hey world, this is Walter Bond. Listen, I got a powerful message for you today. Do you want to make more money, do you want to be happier, do you want to be fulfilled? Hear me clearly, we must become experts with people. In fact, the way I see it, we’re in the people business. “Well Walter, I’m in technology.” Oh, I get that, but you’re in the people business. “Well I work in HR.” Oh, you’re in the people business. “Well I’m introverted.” Well, you better get into the people business, and here’s why. Successful people know a lot of people, so here’s my message. Don’t communicate with people, we have to become experts in connecting with people. How many business cards do you have in your car, in your wallet, on your dresser? You have no clue who gave it to you. You know why? You communicated with them, but you didn’t connect. So, here’s a how-to. Every time you meet someone, here’s what we need to do. Start asking questions. What’s your name, what do you do, where are you from, what school did you go to, do you have kids, how old are they, do they play soccer? I mean whatever, start asking questions, and here’s what we need to do. Find three areas that we can use to build that relationship on, because a three-string chord is not easily broken. Let me tell you something, if we become experts with people, everything that we get and everything we want out of life will be delivered. Why? Because God is not dropping manna out the sky anymore. Anything you get has got to pass through a human hand, which means the one thing that might be holding you back from your next level is that you’re not good with people. Successful people know a lot of people, and here’s what I know. We all love to talk about ourselves. So, if you can get people to talk about themselves, you are well on your way to becoming an expert with people, and you’ll start getting better and not communicating with people. But if you start connecting with people, ladies and gentlemen, that might be the one game-changer you’ve been looking for, to get to your next level. Share this with your friends and your family. I’m on a mission. All I want to do is teach people the how-to’s so that you can be more, have more and do more. See you guys next week.


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Hey, this is Walter Bond. You know what, I’m gonna ask you a question right now. What is your “why”? You know, we look in this world, we have motives for everything, wouldn’t you agree? You know what, do you go to work just to pay the bills or pay your mortgage, or do you go to work because you want to make an impact? Here’s one thing I learned about life. You will have much more success if you make a commitment to be an impact player. You know, some people know my story. I played in the NBA, I got bounced around, I got cut and it hurt, but the truth was, I didn’t have impact. Why have you heard of Michael Jordan? Impact. Why have you heard of Nelson Mandela? Martin Luther King and Elon Musk, Bill Gates. You know, these men and women around the world like Oprah, they’ve had impact. And I want to come in right now and encourage you to be an impact player. And an impact player is a commitment that you gotta make to yourself. Stop going through the motions, stop just showing up, and knowing that when you get there when you arrive, something’s gonna happen. Right, because you are the impact player, when you show up, you are the difference. And my friend, we wrote a book titled All Buts Stink. You know, people have enjoyed this book, we have sold 50,000 copies. Why? Because people love the title. Think about it. All Buts Stink. How to live your best life and eliminate excuses. And I’ve learned, that until I eliminated my excuses, I was stuck. Until you eliminate your excuses, you’re stuck. So that’s why the book is titled, All Buts Stink. We have sold 50,000 copies. People enjoy the book, and it’s simple. So, here’s what we did. We turned it into an online training. So, now it’s not just a book, it’s a chance for you to engage. It’s a chance for you to make this book come to life. In your life, some of the chapters are life-changing. I mean think about it, dominate where you are for example. That’s a huge message. Everybody thinks they’re overqualified. I’m overqualified, I’m overqualified, but let me tell you something, friend. Until you dominate where you are, you’re not going to move. I’m glad you think so highly of yourself, but until everyone else agrees you’re overqualified, you will not get promoted. So, to me you gotta dominate where you are right now. And that’s the only way you unlock the key to your next level to your promotion. Let me tell you something, get the book, engage in the training. That’s just one example of how we teach and how we engage people. Imagine if you just dominated where you are. Imagine if you’re a business leader, and everyone who works for you dominates the role they have right now. I mean this book might not just be for you, maybe you need to buy your whole team the book. Buy your whole company the book. Maybe you need to take your whole company through the training. Why not? I believe smart companies are training and development organizations, masquerading in your core business. You got to turn your business into a training and development company. And maybe you’re an individual, you need to change your life. It’s a training and development, because your life will be a reflection of you. If you want your life to grow, you gotta grow first, and All Buts Stink was written for you. It’s your opportunity to live your best life by eliminating your excuses. You might not know me, you might not have ever heard of Walter Bond. I don’t care about that, but one thing I want you to know, until you become accountable, you will not get to your next level. And this book can help you. Forget about me, the contents of this book can help anybody get bigger, stronger and faster. This book can help anybody live their best life by simply eliminating excuses. Engage, enjoy and remember this. Your job is to think, to execute and to win.


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Hey, this is Walter Bond. You are the product, endorse it. I’m fired up right now. You know what, this week, I introduced my wife at an event, and before I introduced her, I stated who I was. And my name is Walter Bond, an award-winning Hall of Fame motivational speaker. And so when the event was over, a young lady comes up to me, she says, “Wow, you really sell yourself,” and it was uncomfortable silence for about 30 seconds, and then she says, “Well, I need to do a better job with that.” But on the way home I got in my head, and I was thinking, “Oh, hopefully I wasn’t narcissistic, hopefully I didn’t come off arrogant, hopefully they didn’t take me the wrong way.” Then I come home, cut on a TV, and I begin to watch a baseball game, and I began to notice the commercials. We have the number one pillow on the market, our resort is the number one, our golf community is the number one, and I saw commercial after commercial after commercial. These companies bragging about themselves and endorsing themselves. Ladies and gentlemen, I got my act together. I am back on my grind, and I want you to state your name and just say “I am,” and brag about you for the next 30 seconds. State your name, say, “I am,” and talk crazy about yourself. Think about it, don’t you ever endorse your purse, more than you endorse you. Don’t you ever endorse your car, more than you endorse you. Every time you endorse somebody else’s product, you put money in their pocket, but every time you endorse you, you put money in your own pocket. State your name and for the next 30 seconds, brag about you. Let me tell you something, that’s gonna sound like this. My name is Walter Bond, and I am an award-winning Hall of Fame motivational speaker, and there’s not many human beings on this planet that can do what I do. You’re a lawyer, just say “I am.” You’re a doctor, just say, “I am.” I’m a VP and, “I am.” You’re CEO and you are. State your name and talk crazy for 30 minutes and let me tell you something, don’t expect anyone to endorse you before you endorse yourself.


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All right team, we did it. I’m leaving Charlottesville, Virginia. Last night I opened up the conference for the NBA Top 100, which are the top 100 high school basketball players in the country, and these kids are on the verge of their dream coming true. And you should have seen, oh my God, they were locked in, and mom and dad were locked in too, and everyone got the book All Buts Stink. And then they heard about our online course. Now they want me to build a custom course on All Buts Stink, just for these high school players and also for the NBA rookies. So, here’s my announcement. This course is available to you, all you need to do is hit the link, join the movement. Until we eliminate excuses, we will not reach our potential. These athletes heard it last night, but more importantly, I want you to know that your buts stink too. So, do the course, join the movement, be a part of it. Your company, your division, take your kids through it, All Buts Stink. Until I eliminated my excuses, I would have never reached my potential. So, you got to understand I’m on a mission. All Buts Stink, and I promise you, once you eliminate your excuses, you will be well on your way to living all your dreams, because your dreams can come true. But you got to make sure no excuses are around you, and that’s the only thing that can hold you back because I believe that no one can stop you, but you. Hit the link, enjoy the course, and we’ll talk to you soon.


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Hello world, this is Walter Bond. Listen, I got an epiphany today that’s going to put money in your pocket. I don’t care if you’re an individual, I don’t care if you’re a company executive, hear me clearly. I just keynoted at LensCrafters, okay, international brand. And if you wear glasses you know LensCrafters. And their promise to their customers were glasses in about an hour. Remember Domino’s Pizza? I loved Domino’s pizzas in college, not because it was good, it tastes like cardboard, but they had a promise. If that pizza was not there in 30 minutes, it was free. I remember my buddies, I’m sure you do too, ordering Domino’s and hoping they were late so we can get free pizza. Please show up at 31 minutes, 32 minutes, 33 minutes. We would synchronize our watches and hope that Domino’s was late ‘cuz they promised, they guaranteed free pizza that’s not there in 30 minutes. So, as an executive as a professional, what’s your promise? If I hire you to work for me, what’s your promise? As a company, go to your business meeting, call a special meeting and say you know what, I just saw this video from Walter Bond, and he’s right. What’s our promise? I mean, we’re trying to get people to buy our software, we’re trying to get people to buy our franchise, we’re trying to get people to allow me to be their financial advisor, but I’m not getting up, giving them a promise. I’m not giving them a guarantee. Okay, every infomercial, give some type of promise, some type of guarantee. Oh man, I just got that epiphany today. The business world revolves around promises and guarantees. Your next level is about your ability to make a promise, and watch this, then deliver on your promise. Make a guarantee, then deliver on your guarantee. And ladies and gentlemen, you can thank me, love it, later. And I promise you one thing, I’m exhausted and I promise you I’m gonna take me a nap here soon, but I want you to make sure you make promises and you make guarantees as an individual and as a company. And if you can do that and deliver, we all will get to that next level. I’m out, see you guys tomorrow.