It’s already Day 17 of our Motivation Madness Challenge. Crazy, right?

A few words of wisdom to help you get more out of this month:

On the path the self-development, it’s good to know what you’re already strong in – so you’ll know what to keep working on.

If you downloaded “Peak Performers Secrets” (still available for just $5), and have been following our Challenge on Instagram, you’re probably starting to notice a pattern.

Some of the 31 Truth’s you’re already doing very well. And for that, give yourself a pat on the back.

Other truths…. not so much.

So, in the spirit of March Madness, we provided this fun 5-minute exercise for self-evaluation.

Why not do your own “brackets” with the 31 Truths?

Here’s how to discover your “Winning Truth” – and know where to keep working:

  1. Download the activity sheet
  2. Pick your favorite 16 qualities
  3. Line them up, and work through the brackets until you find your winner
  4. Give yourself some much-deserved commendation, and make a plan to move forward!

Not only is it fun – it’s downright eye-opening!

Find Your Winning Trait >

If you can’t tell, we’re pumped for March Madness 2021. 

Not just because it just might be the single-greatest postseason event in organized sports…

…but also because of a very special March challenge.  

Starting today, we’re giving you a chance to level-up your game for less.   

From now until March 31st, you can get any one of my audio training programs for up to 75% OFF. 

And “Peak Performer’s Secrets” is a great place to start. 

As a professional athlete, I knew mastering the fundamentals was key to performing at a high- level. 

When I entered the world of business over 20 years ago, my mindset was the same. I needed someone to teach me the basic, ground-level principles that would lead to success every time. 

I never did find that perfect guidebook. So instead, I made my own. 

Recorded during a live keynote address, “Peak Performer’s Secrets” is a fast-moving compilation of the 31 fundamental principles of business success. 

These thirty-one “truths” are fool-proof ways to take your career to the next level. 

For less than the cost of hot wings at a game, you can have your own personal cheat-sheet full of the go-to habits of peak performers.  

Learn the habits that will help you the most out of every day, and feel the satisfaction that comes with accomplishing the tasks you set out for yourself, including: 

  • How to Set Objectives and Remain Focused
  • How to Manage Your Time and Energy Effectively
  • Living a Balanced Life with Constant Practice
  • Harnessing Your Strengths and Recognizing Your Weaknesses

Master these principles, and you’ll be able to think, execute, and dominate like a pro – from the boardroom to the sales floor – anytime and every time. 

Seriously, what have you got to lose? 

Get Peak Performer’s Secrets for just $5 → 

Do any of these sound familiar?

Quality of work is becoming an issue….”

“We’re just not seeing the passion we had a few months ago….”

“People are starting to show signs of being unhappy…”

“We’re starting to see more and more PTO requests…”

Believe me when I tell you – these aren’t one-off problems.

These are symptoms of something much larger brewing inside your organization….

….something that could cost you hundreds of thousands in HR costs by this time next year.

We’ve developed a 13-question test to help team leaders take a frank look at how their teams are REALLY doing – and what they can do to turn things around sooner rather than later.

Take the quiz here.

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“Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.”

– Napoleon Bonaparte

Hey Sharks,

Do you realize that just one big idea can completely change your life?

I mean COMPLETELY change your life. Rags to riches.

If you’re like a lot of people, you may already have produced that golden egg.

You might already be crazy excited about it.

Maybe you’ve gotten as far as planning how to bring your idea to life.

But you’ve got a long way to go.

And unless you learn to do this ONE THING very differently from most people, you’re million-dollar idea won’t be worth the paper it’s scribbled on.

Watch this week’s Shark Bite if you want to make sure you’re not setting yourself up for the same mistake thousands of smart people make each and every day.

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There’s an “idea killer” on the loose – and only you can stop it.

Walter Bond


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“The successful warrior is the average person with laser-like focus.

-Bruce Lee

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There are a million reasons to only give 50%.

You’ve got too much on your plate.

You’re afraid of disappointment.

Some days you’re just plain tired.

But here’s the thing….if you’re not giving your goals 100%, what are you really doing?

A focused mind is the closest thing to a superpower you have.

Jeff Bezos wouldn’t be worth $158 BILLION if he treated Amazon like a side-hustle.

We wouldn’t still be talking about leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. or Ghandi if they didn’t have rock-solid commitment to their ideals.

And what about YOU?

You will never understand your full potential in this life until you decide to give something, anything, your 100%.

So what’s the secret to STAYING UNSHAKABLY COMMITTED, when the rest of the world is giving that 50%?

Listen in on why commitment, like any other skill, is something you can start learning this week:

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Like what you’re learning here? Share the link with anyone you know who’d appreciate a lesson in commitment today!

Here’s to your success,

Walter Bond


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What is your methodology on leadership? What is your methodology on culture? What is your methodology on sales? What is your methodology on teamwork? We can go to a Super Bowl party, and we miss the real lesson. You can be down 28 to 3, but if you have a methodology, the teammates won’t panic. If you have a methodology, your teammates won’t quit. When you have a methodology, whether you’re winning or losing, regardless of the score, if you got a methodology, it’s the only way that you can win. Your next level is attainable. Your next level is a tangible place. Your next level is up to you, but your next level is about you creating, adopting or learning methodologies for everything. Now can I be honest with you? Divorce in America is about 50%. The only thing that happens in relationships, we date. We go to movies, we put on cologne and perfume, we actually comb our hair, we open up the door. We got one methodology, to get her. We got one methodology, to get him. And then we get married. And what happens? We change our methodology. Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been married 23 years and man, I want you to hear me closely. I have a methodology, and here’s my philosophy: it’s cheaper to keep her. So as a result, I try my best to behave the exact same way I behaved when we dated. As I do 23 years later, try it. I promise you, it’ll work.


[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”]
[et_pb_row admin_label=”row”]
[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]99% of the time when I ask people why they aren’t taking steps to follow their dreams, they say they are afraid to fail.


If you just said, “that’s not me, though” I’m going to kindly reel you back in.



Fear of failure is one of the biggest reasons so many people don’t do what they were made to do. They’re so concerned about failing that they don’t think about what could happen if they succeed. If you start with your biggest excuse and work backward, you will almost always find that your reasoning is based in fear. Fear of what others will think. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of starting over.

Feeling fear means you’re about to do something big. It means whatever is about to happen is going to determine how your journey continues. When you’re scared, you know that if you do what it is that you’re scared to do, you will be different on the other side. Things will be different, relationships will be different, circumstances will be different. If it weren’t a big deal, you wouldn’t be afraid. But your fear is a physical indicator that you are alive and present and that you’re about to do something big.

If we treat failure as a reset button, it can be a lot less scary. Failure is life’s way of telling us that our idea didn’t work and we need more time. Or more training. Or more patience. Or more grit. If we avoid trying new things because we are afraid to fail, we aren’t allowing ourselves to succeed.

When we talk about facing our fears, we often speak about being brave. But having courage is not the same as being fearless. Being courageous is being afraid and doing it anyway. Everyone can let fear stop them, but the brave ones feel the fear and do it anyway.

This month, let’s feel the fear and do it anyway. Let’s stop worrying about what could happen if we fail, and start getting excited about what will happen when we succeed.

My challenge for you this week: Decide that October is the month where you feel the fear and do it anyway. Identify a major fear you have, write it on a sticky note, and put it on a bathroom mirror. When you identify it and give it a name, it begins to lose it’s power.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]

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[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]A little louder for the people in the back….

Self-improvement is not selfish.

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” – Albert Einstein

September Self Improvement Series:

Self-improvement is not selfish. Out of all of the lies I wish people would stop believing, this one is at the top of my list. Far too often, we say yes to everyone else and leave nothing for ourselves. We teach and we lead, we guide and we love those around us, but if we don’t do these things for ourselves, we’re doing our families and our businesses a disservice.

When you focus on self-improvement, everyone wins. When you establish healthy habits and rituals, you feel more balanced and in control. When you feel more balanced, you are better equipped to help others find their balance and manage them well.

When you focus on self-improvement, you become a better team player. When you set and reach personal goals, you’re more confident setting and achieving goals as part of a team.

When you focus on self-improvement, you learn more about yourself. Being intentional about stepping out of your comfort zone allows you to discover strengths and passions that you never knew you had. Taking a good hard look at your weaknesses can be uncomfortable, but when you work through them, you’re a changed person on the other side.

When you have a more in-depth understanding of who you are (and your WorkExpression, more on that later), you can walk confidently into any work task or business meeting and know exactly how your strengths can be used to move the company forward.

So, one more time. Self-improvement is not selfish. It’s productive, and it’s hard sometimes, it’s exciting, it’s valuable, it’s necessary, it’s beautiful. It is a lot of things, but it is not selfish.

Let that go. Focus on being the best version of you. And watch everything else fall into place.

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[et_pb_row admin_label=”row”]
[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]One of the biggest hurdles that so many business owners face is creating a comprehensive and dynamic work culture within their business. They struggle with bringing together multiple personalities and experiences and perspectives to achieve a common goal. Throughout my experience as an NBA player and as a motivational speaker and business coach, I’ve learned that when I strive to be a better team player, I also see a radical improvement in myself as well. When I focus on these three things, I find that not only are the people around me are happier and more productive, but I am happier and more productive too:

A great teammate will respect the skills and strengths of others

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I hand out compliments like they are running out of style. I’ll be the first to tell someone that their hair looks on point, their presentation was phenomenal, or that suit makes them look like a million bucks. I try to be intentional about pointing out people’s strengths and expressing gratitude for what they bring to the table. When I focus more on the strengths and skills of others, I am in a consistent state of gratitude and appreciation.

I am very aware that without the strengths and skills of the people around me, I would not be where I am today. It takes a dedicated team with a variety of strengths and specialized skill sets to make our team run smoothly. I am surrounded by people who can do specific tasks ten times better than I can, and instead of letting that make me feel insecure or inferior, I showcase those strengths and those skills and express my gratitude for them. A great teammate will respect the skills and strengths of others

A great teammate will must respect perspective

Chances are, your company is made up of a lot of different people from a lot of different places with a lot of different experiences and areas of expertise. There is beauty and power in this. Business leaders who embrace the diversity and differences of perspectives within their workplace open themselves up for innovation, creativity, and success. One of the most dangerous things that can be said in a workplace is “we’ve always done it this way.” If you are not open to understanding or hearing the perspective of others, you are limiting yourself and the potential growth of your company. As a teammate, when you are intentional about respecting the perspective of others, the result is that your world perspective changes. Your mind is opened a little bit further to accept information and ideas that may not have come naturally to you. Not everyone is going to agree, but being open to hearing the ideas and feedback of others is key to being a good teammate, a good leader, and a more well-rounded individual. 


The key to any successful relationship is trust. If you do not have trust, your marriage won’t work, your friendships won’t work, and your professional relationships won’t work. On the court, I had to have 100% trust that my teammates would be where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there so we could make the shot. In business, I’ve learned that customers want to do business with a company they can trust. When the people around you feel like they can trust you, they are more likely to come to you with problems, ideas, or feedback. When it comes to self-improvement, you also have to learn to trust yourself. You have to have confidence that you can do the hard things. You have to go with your gut. You have to follow your intuition but also be willing to take guidance from those around you. Self-improvement happens when you learn to trust in yourself.

The Takeaway

Working to be a better team player consistently is a win-win all around. Not only do you strengthen the culture of your company, but you work on the fundamentals of your character and work ethic that make you a better leader, a better employee, a better entrepreneur, and a better person. If you are like us and taking self-improvement seriously this month, the first step in building yourself up and your legacy up is by building others up first.

My challenge for you this week: Ask yourself how you can be a better team player. Check out our teamwork resources to find out what simple steps you can start implementing now to build a stronger and more productive team. [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]

The Power of Two is basically a time management and focus strategy. It requires you to carefully and intentionally sit down and think about precisely what you want. Then, you must pick two, and only two, things that will get you there the fastest. When you do this, you put all of your focus, time, effort, energy, and money into the two aspects of your life that will move you forward the fastest. It allows you to let go of the mundane details and monotonous tasks that are not moving you forward. You have 24 hours to use every day. The Power of Two helps you maximize every single one. 

The idea behind the power of two came long before I was a professional athlete or public speaker. I was a hungry college athlete that was ready and willing to do anything to make it to the big time. I asked my coach what I needed to do to reach my goals. Instead of giving me a long list of improvements I needed to make, he boiled it down to two. My world revolved around those two strategies. I didn’t focus on anything else. And because I was able to stay so focused and so intentional about these two aspects of my game, I was able to improve them dramatically. 

I find myself implementing this strategy even now, when things in my career and life seem overwhelming. I sit down and really think about the two things that need to be done to help me feel successful. Sometimes, when I can’t pick just two, I go to someone that I trust, like Antoinette or one of my mentors, to help me narrow it down. Sometimes it is helpful to get an outside perspective to help you prioritize your moves. 

I often find that the things I think are most important and absolutely have to be done are not the things that will get me to my goals the fastest. They are the things that make me feel productive and look busy, but are not necessarily the things that actually cause growth.  

Success in business and life boils down to a few key fundamentals. Being able to prioritize, manage our time, and focus on what moves us forward are just a few of them. When we embrace these fundamentals, we build a solid foundation for ourselves. 

My challenge for you this week: Download this worksheet to help you discover your Power of Two and fill it out in its entirety. Use what you learn from this worksheet as your focus point for everything you do this week