Talent (and hours and hours of practice) is what gets balls in hoops. However, chemistry is what puts your teammate in the exact spot that you need him, way before you know you need him there. Chemistry is the way a team works together, the way they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and use both to move the team forward. But chemistry does not come with intense trainings or intense video analysis of last week’s game. Chemistry happens when a team respects and values each other, connects on a deeper level, and works together to meet a common goal.

The teams that are coming up on top aren’t necessarily the ones with the most talent. Instead, they’re the teams that focus on team chemistry and connection. Your business is the same way. If you solely focus on profit and productivity and don’t emphasize chemistry, you won’t reach the next level.

If you want to be a business that defies the odds, that breaks the mold, that comes out on top even when the competition is fierce, you have to consistently work to build the culture and chemistry of your team.

Here are three ways you can do that this week:

  1. Connect team members with similar strengths, passions, and interests- When your team can connect on a personal level, it will make it easier for them to connect professionally as well.
  2. Share a meal- Sharing a meal together is a classic way to bring people together. Whether you invite everyone to have lunch together in the breakroom or you host a dinner after work, getting everyone together in a casual atmosphere with good food will help build relationships and improve team chemistry.
  3. Address things that are hurting your team chemistry- if certain people on your team seem to isolate themselves from the rest of the group, or have negative energy that brings others down, address this. Many times, this behavior is based out of fear of being excluded or misunderstood. Open the lines of communication to give everyone a chance to feel included.

You can have the most talented people on your team, but if they don’t work well together, you will limit your potential and make it harder to reach the next level.  

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