Your company could have some of the best customer service reps, technicians, salespeople, and accountants on the planet, but if Jim in accounting isn’t working towards the same thing that Marcus in sales is, your company will not move consistently towards the next level. Here are 3 action steps you can take this week to help unify and build your team and help them focus on a common goal:

Define The Goal

You’d be amazed at how many people in a company can not clearly define their goals, their expectations, and even their purpose. They show up every day, do what they know they are supposed to, but don’t have their focus on any long term results. If you feel like your team is not focused on the same goal, take the time to draft up a quick and simple email with the goal you want everyone working towards. Send this out, and then encourage people to come to you with ideas, feedback and questions about the goal and the part they play in reaching it.

Get Them Involved

Employees are much likely to give their all to a purpose or a cause they believe in. Instead of barking orders from the top, ask for input from the other people on your team about what goals they feel would be challenging yet realistic, and how to reach those goals. Getting everyone involved in creating the common goals and helping them to use their strengths to get there will help everyone feel more connected to the overall purpose.

Eliminate Distractions

Are there jobs and tasks that members of your team are spending their time on that don’t directly relate to reaching the predetermined goal? If so, find a way to reduce or eliminate these tasks so all of the focus can be on the single goal of the company. Are there meetings that could be replaced with emails or conference calls? Is there data entry that could be outsourced?  Be aware of what personal distractions are keeping your team from being laser-focused on the team goal.

This week, define the goal, get your team members in on the creation of the goals, and get rid of anything that is not conducive to reaching the goal. Then, sit back and watch your team transform into a unified powerhouse committed to excellence, productivity and crushing goals.

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