The Power of Two is basically a time management and focus strategy. It requires you to carefully and intentionally sit down and think about precisely what you want. Then, you must pick two, and only two, things that will get you there the fastest. When you do this, you put all of your focus, time, effort, energy, and money into the two aspects of your life that will move you forward the fastest. It allows you to let go of the mundane details and monotonous tasks that are not moving you forward. You have 24 hours to use every day. The Power of Two helps you maximize every single one. 

The idea behind the power of two came long before I was a professional athlete or public speaker. I was a hungry college athlete that was ready and willing to do anything to make it to the big time. I asked my coach what I needed to do to reach my goals. Instead of giving me a long list of improvements I needed to make, he boiled it down to two. My world revolved around those two strategies. I didn’t focus on anything else. And because I was able to stay so focused and so intentional about these two aspects of my game, I was able to improve them dramatically. 

I find myself implementing this strategy even now, when things in my career and life seem overwhelming. I sit down and really think about the two things that need to be done to help me feel successful. Sometimes, when I can’t pick just two, I go to someone that I trust, like Antoinette or one of my mentors, to help me narrow it down. Sometimes it is helpful to get an outside perspective to help you prioritize your moves. 

I often find that the things I think are most important and absolutely have to be done are not the things that will get me to my goals the fastest. They are the things that make me feel productive and look busy, but are not necessarily the things that actually cause growth.  

Success in business and life boils down to a few key fundamentals. Being able to prioritize, manage our time, and focus on what moves us forward are just a few of them. When we embrace these fundamentals, we build a solid foundation for ourselves. 

My challenge for you this week: Download this worksheet to help you discover your Power of Two and fill it out in its entirety. Use what you learn from this worksheet as your focus point for everything you do this week 


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