What is your methodology on leadership? What is your methodology on culture? What is your methodology on sales? What is your methodology on teamwork? We can go to a Super Bowl party, and we miss the real lesson. You can be down 28 to 3, but if you have a methodology, the teammates won’t panic. If you have a methodology, your teammates won’t quit. When you have a methodology, whether you’re winning or losing, regardless of the score, if you got a methodology, it’s the only way that you can win. Your next level is attainable. Your next level is a tangible place. Your next level is up to you, but your next level is about you creating, adopting or learning methodologies for everything. Now can I be honest with you? Divorce in America is about 50%. The only thing that happens in relationships, we date. We go to movies, we put on cologne and perfume, we actually comb our hair, we open up the door. We got one methodology, to get her. We got one methodology, to get him. And then we get married. And what happens? We change our methodology. Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been married 23 years and man, I want you to hear me closely. I have a methodology, and here’s my philosophy: it’s cheaper to keep her. So as a result, I try my best to behave the exact same way I behaved when we dated. As I do 23 years later, try it. I promise you, it’ll work.