I get a kick out of the term CEO. I think CEO should stand for Chief Execution Officer. People try to correct me when I mention my version of CEO, as if I’m a dummy and made a mistake. But I know exactly what I mean.

Success in business boils down to execution. A successful business leader must make sure that, above all else, your company, division, department, or unit executes. The facts of business tell the story: 70-90% of businesses fail to execute consistently, which means that you can catapult a business into the top 10-30% simply by executing good daily habits and your strategic plan consistently. I am not sure where everything goes haywire in business today, but execution defines all successful businesses. The good news is that although we might not all be in charge, I believe we all can be leaders. You might not be the CEO of your organization, but you are the CEO of you.

How well do you do execute your particular responsibility for your organization every day? Are you busy focusing on what everyone else is or isn’t doing? You may even think your CEO is an idiot and that you are overqualified for your position right now. Well, if your CEO isn’t making sure your organization is executing, he/she is an idiot. My challenge for you is simple. How well are you doing as CEO of you? Master your self-government, execute your daily responsibilities with excellence, and it might just be a matter of time before you can become CEO. We can’t all be in charge, but we can all be leaders. A leader is a person who affects change, so execute and watch the world around you change.

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