Every single one of us has a latent superpower at our disposal. 

Learn to use it right, and there’s not a whole lot this life can throw at you to keep you from your goals. 

That hidden power is your mindset

A resilient mindset is the power source that sustains a person to stay the course, no matter what. It’s the steel-eyed focus and wholehearted dedication to winning that can withstand distraction, disappointment, exhaustion, or anything else that gets in the way. 

It’s the unshakeable confidence that an answer to a problem exists, even when there’s none in sight. 

Think about it – Jeff Bezos wouldn’t be worth $158 BILLION if he wasn’t 100% committed to the success of Amazon.

We wouldn’t still be talking about leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. or Ghandi if they didn’t have rock-solid commitment to their ideals.

And a certain benched college basketball player would have never become the first undrafted rookie to play a season-opening game for the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA….

OK – so if mindset is so important, how do you work on fixing yours? 

Here are some tips to put into practice THIS WEEK: 

  1. Pay close attention to what and whom you surround yourself with
  2. Wake up and meditate. Are you planning your life to set yourself up for success
  3. Protect your ears and your eyes from the things that could hurt you
  4. Every day, as many times a day as possible, remind yourself of this simple truth: Regardless of your environment, your background, or the setbacks you have faced, you are a winner. 

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