IMPACT, IMPACT. Remember last week I was talking about the impact player and what they do? I gave you five steps on how to impact your work place and home environment. This week, I want to help you strategize your Impact Player Game Plan.

To advance in any area of life, we all have to be strategic. That strategy is what I am calling The Game Plan. So today, I want you to do some game planning for yourself. Heck, be generous. Share it with your work team and family.

If you have seen one of my presentations or listened to my videos on YouTube, you might have heard me refer to the Power of 2. I attribute my personal and professional growth and development to my commitment to focus on the two most important things I need to do to advance in a particular area. I call this my Power of 2. I believe that it is so important to attack matters in small stages. When stuff seems so BIG, we tend never to execute it. But when we whittle it down and make it small and bite sized, it’s much easier for us to be in attack mode. I call this EXECUTION.

I used this concept on my college-aged daughter recently. I simply asked her, “What are the two most important/critical things required of you to be a good student?” She looked at me. She looked away. I think she knew what I was getting at. You see, my goal was to help her focus to make school and life easier. She finally said, “Go to class and do my schoolwork.” BAM! I said, “Wow, it’s as simple as that.” And she agreed.

In this case, focus applied to my daughter’s school life, but it can actually apply to all of our lives. It even works in relationships. Try asking, what are the two critical things I need to do to be a great spouse? You get to choose. But, when you do choose, you need to create a new habit and ritual to support this belief system.

This is where a commitment of 30 minutes comes in. Click here for a COMPLIMENTARY  handout that describes the toolkit I use. And, because I am so committed to your focus on impact, I want to give you a FREE session of coaching via my audio download “Habits and Rituals”. 30 minutes of thinking can make a lifetime of impact.

Ready, set, download here.

I would love to hear some of your concepts so be sure to share them with us on Facebook. 

Here’s to another week of committing to living with IMPACT.

Walter and Antoinette Bond

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  1. Keith Hertling
    Keith Hertling says:

    Let’s try that again. Habits. Good stuff, I’ll have to use that in our jersey Mike’s tour if you’re 25 calls for three years.


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