How are you leading this week? What practices are you putting into place to make sure your team understands that they are doing work that matters? Your employees are much more likely to work hard, stay late, come early, and go above and beyond if they feel valued and appreciated. As their leader, are you influencing and encouraging them to use their gifts and talents? Or are you simply enforcing rules and deadlines without a personal connection?

A boss manages their employees, while a leader inspires their employees to think creatively, to give feedback, create and innovate and dream. A boss will tell you what to do, a leader will lead by example and show you how to do it. Bosses are focused on your output and basic productivity, leaders are focused on making you feel appreciate and successful. Bosses focus on the right now, while leaders focus on what is right.

This week, ask yourself this question: “Would I want to work for me?” Think critically about the way you encourage and inspire your team. Think carefully about the personal connections you’ve made with your employees and how you could strengthen them. Do you know their birthdays, their spouse’s name, or where they graduated from? The more you invest in the relationships with your employees, the more they will invest in their job.

This week, challenge yourself to learn one new fact about five people in your company. Ask questions, listen, and start showing your team that you care about them as people. Then, watch as company morale improves, productivity improves, and you grow as a visionary leader.

A strong leader is constantly self-reflecting and finding new ways to lead with purpose. How are you leading this week?