Has anyone ever told you that your entire career as a business leader depends on how well you build and work in a team? Not understanding teamwork can cost you millions over your lifetime.

Did you know that all the great leaders of industry are experts in teamwork? This is one skill that is non-negotiable if you want to become a dynamic leader. This skill, however, was probably not taught while you were an undergraduate or a graduate student. And you probably will not hear teamwork as the sophisticated topic of conversation at the country club. Your mentor may have taught you everything he or she knows about business, but if you didn’t learn about teamwork, then they essentially didn’t teach you much about business. Success is a team sport and successful businesses require great teamwork, so you need to become a master technician of teamwork.

Here is my evidence that teamwork is a lost art: divorce! Marriage is the longest surviving “team” ever assembled and would think that throughout all these years, the divorce rate should be declining. After marrying Mr. or Ms. Right, 50% of couples break up. The divorce rate is worse for people in their second marriages, which means that some people didn’t learn any lessons from their first marriage. Most people walk away from their marriage and say, “I chose the wrong person.” But marriages requires teamwork. I don’t care who you choose. If you don’t understand teamwork you will make a mess of your relationship.

The inability to execute simple teamwork strategies and techniques with one other person can lead to frustrations, emotional problems, critical life changes, high financial costs, and even violence. And if teamwork is difficult to harness even in intimate relationships, what do you think will be the consequences of poor teamwork in a big organization?

This will be a series of articles that takes you on a journey of teamwork revelations that are not only going to help you in business, but your entire life as well. Your ability to manage and lead a team will have a significant impact on your goal of becoming a dynamic leader

Here is a quick lesson to get some street cred on teamwork. Make sure that you work with your life partner on this project. Ladies, your man needs to maintain his honor. Whenever you treat him or relate to him with any level of disrespect, subtle or overt, it is extremely painful for him. If he retreats and shuts down, it means that he has felt some disrespect from you. Respect is paramount for a man. Of course, if he behaves like a dog, all bets are off. But a normal, healthy and good man would rather be punched in the face by another man than to be disrespected by his lady. Most dumb barroom brawls erupt when some guy feels disrespected. Got it? Men need to be honored and respected at all times

Men, your women needs security. She needs to feel secure emotionally, physically and financially. She is your queen and should always make her feel like royalty. If she is secure in your relationship as the Queen Bee, you’re good. Women are natural incubators, i.e. they are nurturers who grow things. You give them a small microscopic sperm and they give you back an eight pound baby. But if you give them even just a little bit of grief, they can give you back a whole lot more than you bargained for. Got it? Keep her secure and you’re good.

These are the basic tenets of a successful romantic relationship. I am sure that your relationship is a lot more complicated than this, but we need to start with this foundational element – honor and security. If you get this, you are almost at the home stretch. I will have more on relationship teamwork later, so stay with me.

Ok, back to the program. The most powerful resource on this earth is people. Yes, I know your life would be perfect if you didn’t have to deal with people whom you think are, let’s use your term, idiots. You need those idiots at work and you need to be able to relate with the village idiots at home. But once you master teamwork, you may realize that you were the idiot the whole entire time because you didn’t understand to lead a team. So if they basic premise of leadership is your ability to manage people, then you must become a master technician of teamwork everywhere you go.

My goal is to teach you about teamwork so all your dreams come true as a leader. I want people to love you as their boss and to be eager to come to work and give 100% of their efforts. I also want all of your teammates and team members to be productive and trust you.

I hope that by this time, you already agree with me: Yes, success is a team sport! If so, then you better learn everything there is to learn about teams. So why don’t more leaders actually study teamwork dynamics? Sometimes, you just don’t know what you don’t know. Just to make sure we are on the same page, how many great things have you accomplished in your lifetime, completely on your own as of today? NOTHING!

When you are done with this series, you will understand how to attract and retain top performers as well as how to position personnel based on their innate gifts. You will also learn how to identify broken teams, the reasons for their breakdown, and of course identify possible solutions. Your ability as a leader will first be based on your attitude. You need people. Some individuals might think that they don’t need other people, but that just means that they are not qualified to call themselves as leaders.

Next week, I will share the 5 positions your team needs in order to be functional.

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