When I wrote my best selling book All Buts Stink one of my main goals was to help teach people how to lock into their vision. In my line of work, I meet people all of the time who are unsettled. Folks have a concept or idea and it dies there.

Think about the work you are doing now, is it in line with the vision you set for your career, business or life. You see one of the biggest challenges folks have to getting to the Next Level is……(watch now to hear)…

If you are anything like me, you are determined to get to your next level. Don’t stop until you get there. Know what you want and go get it. Take this quiz NOW to see if vision setting is a problem for you. Click here.

Remember, Vision is as Vision Does. Vision is active. Vision has movement. Act on your vision each week. That’s how you start your week and be ready for your Monday Morning Readiness.

Next Level Living is Yours,

Walter Bond

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