Something interesting happens whenever I ask my coaching clients what “leadership” means to them. 

Some people describe an exec whose words and direction are well-respected. Someone who sounds like a leader. 

Others describe power, or showmanship – the look of leadership. 

Neither are completely wrong….leaders do often need these qualities. 

But is that what being a leader is really about? 

I can tell you that true leadership in business – the kind that affects KPIs – is measured by what you can help your team accomplish. 

Your effect on your people, day after day, and year after year, in a wide variety of circumstances.

The results. 

This April, we’re helping business leaders learn the skills they need to effectively lead their organizations on a journey to another destination, a better place – and it all starts with Visionary Leadership

This five-segment, self-guided video training series was made for business leaders who want to rocket their management skills to the next level in just weeks with: 

  • Less thinking like a traditional boss, and more like a visionary
  • The wisdom to turn average employees into leaders 
  • Smarter, more meaningful employee engagement
  • Systems of accountability