If you want to be Successful in Business by Walter Bond

Alright, lesson number one, lesson number one, lesson number one. If you want to be successful, business lesson number one, cut off the news. The media’s job is not to tell us the truth, the media’s job is to make money. The media has figured out that America is addicted to negative information. So every night at six, when you cut off the news, do you ever turn to your wife, husband, significant other and say, “Honey, I feel real good about America.”? When’s the last time you said that? When you cut off the news, you’re angry, you’re sad, you’re frustrated. Some people are actually scared. I kicked my competition’s butt because I don’t watch the news. One methodology I want to teach you today, is what I use to close deals. And I almost never hear the word, “No.” See, my marketing methodology is called the “mousetrap”. My job, is to simply catch mice. In this context, mice are meeting planners. People who plan meetings. So in order to build a good mousetrap, you got to figure out some good cheese. You got to build a good mousetrap, which begins with cheese. Here’s my cheese: Every meeting planner wants a speaker who’s entertaining, and dynamic and gives the audience great information. That’s my cheese. So all my marketing materials, since I’m very entertaining and dynamic, and I give great information. But once you got somebody nibbling on your cheese, I come in with the close, and it’s fast, it’s strong, and it’s swept because every meeting planner wants an entertaining and dynamic speaker who gives great information. That’s what they’re looking for, and I know it. So can I ask you a question? What are your customers looking for? Don’t think like you, think like a customer. One of the best ways you can build a marketing methodology, is stop thinking like you, and start thinking like your customers. I’ll be the best speaker your group’s ever had. It’s really hard to say no to that, wouldn’t you agree? See, your closing mechanism always need to be connected to a promise. People buy promises. I got a coaching program where I teach all my business leaders all my methodologies, and I just gave you one for free. Kind, I didn’t go too deep, as deep as I could go, can you do me a favor? Go back and build a mousetrap, make sure you got some good cheese, but what is your closing mechanism? Everyone loves a promise. I’ll be the best motivational speaker your group’s ever had. You guys know I almost never hear the word, “No.”