Sorry to say, but there are only two paths your life can take in the next six months. 

When you look back on 2021, you’ll feel one of two things: 

  1. Pride 
  2. Regret 

It’s got nothing to do with how smart your plans are…or even how hard you work on them. 

It has EVERYTHING to do with your dedication to one simple thing….

Last month, we talked about the steps to unlocking your real potential in life. 

Figure out where you’re going….

Commit to your goals….

Measure your progress…

All of these are 100% essential to experience any kind of success in life. But there’s one key ingredient that’s so OVERWHELMINGLY important, it can throw off the entire recipe for success. 

What is that ingredient? 


So why’s it so hard to stay consistent? 

For one, the world around is constantly changing, challenging you.  

You’ve got shifting demands from work. Responsibilities to friends and family. 

If that weren’t enough, you also have the challenge of disciplining yourself to do what you know will move you forward, even when you don’t feel like it.  

So how can you consistently stay constant? 

1.  View staying consistent as your full-time job – not a side task. 

Consistency is not something you can switch on and off. 

You cannot only be invested in your personal growth half the time –it’s a full-time commitment. In other words, you need to keep up your positive habits, even when – ESPECIALLY when! – they are tough to do! 

2.  Simplify those goals. 

Being consistent includes having realistic expectations and plans to stay on track. But what if you are inconsistent in your expectations? In that case, it is complicated to work towards your goals because you won’t know whether you can meet them.

Ready to fast-track real, positive change in your life? 

Find the support and the resources you need to master your future here

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