He lost track of CiCi when an energetic man came barreling towards him.

“Hi! “I’m Andrew, but you can call me Drew,” he said and outstretched his hand with a smile. Scotty held out his hand in a pathetic attempt at a handshake, and Drew took it forcefully. He shook it hard enough to make Scotty’s whole torso shake.

“People can tell a lot about you by your handshake. Make sure it’s strong. And look me in the eye. Try it again,” Drew said, releasing Scotty’s hand. Scotty rolled his eyes. He was not in the mood for Jolly Mr. Rogers over here, and now he lost CiCi. He humored the guy and gave a half decent handshake, and was relieved that Drew took it as acceptable.

Often throughout our life, what we perceive to be an obstacle or a distraction is actually the catalyst for our life change. We may not like it, and we may not want to embrace it. But we are here for a purpose, and every situation, whether good or bad, is all part of our unique life plan. You never know when you may meet the person who will become your mentor. You never know when you’ll meet the person who needs to be mentored by you. Keep an open mind about your circumstances. Choose to see them as opportunities instead of obstacles.

Your challenges this week

Challenge One: Pre-order your version of Swim!

Challenge Two: Be intentional this week about choosing to see your obstacles as opportunities.


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