Mindset. You can build habits and rituals, and you can connect with the right people, you can find a mentor, and work on being more accountable, but all of this will be for nothing if you do not have the right mindset. We’ve been conditioned from the time we were small that mediocrity equals advancement. We’ve been conditioned to believe that our promotion and our success is based on someone else. We’ve got to switch our mindset.

The difference between where you are now and where you want to be is your mindset. To get something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done. You must become somebody different. This begins with creating a methodology for everything in your sphere of influence. When you have a plan, a method, a go-to game plan, you are unstoppable. You will not panic in the face of conflict. You will not run in the face of fear. You have a methodology, you will use it, and you will rise.

But you cannot move forward, you cannot get to the next level if you do not change your mindset. Once you truly believe that you are in charge of your future, that the next level is a real, tangible place that you are worthy of reaching, you will do the things you’ve always dreamed of.

Stop saying you’ll get serious about self-improvement once you lose the weight, or have a bigger bank account, or a nicer car, or more experience, or more training. Stop wasting time with all that. The only thing you need today to move yourself into the future you’ve always wanted is a different mindset.

Your weekly challenge:

Part One:  Pre-order Walter’s Bond’s newest book, SWIM, today.

Part Two: Replace the word “if” with “when” when talking about your next level. Instead of saying “If I get this speaking engagement” say “when I get this speaking engagement” A simple change of words, but a giant step in changing your mindset.

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