A July 2015 article in Business Insider studied over 500 millionaires, and it states that the one character trait all millionaires have in common is that they are decisive. They can make decisions quickly and stick to them once they are made. You can’t argue the facts, which means that your days of waffling are officially over (if you want to play with the big boys). Make decisions and move on. Being decisive does not mean being hasty; being decisive means knowing when you enough information, making the decision, and moving on. How long do you agonize over decisions?

Why is being decisive so important? Being successful requires all of us to be able to make good decisions. You can’t be successful and make a bunch of dumb decisions. I’m sure every millionaire you know has failed at some point, but they kept trying. Being decisive is not always about getting it right, it’s about your ability to make a call and move on it. We live in a world where people have paralysis by analysis. Average performers lament decisions so long that they literally make a decision through inactivity alone. “I need to do this. I should do that.” We hear people say these things all the time, which is exactly why they aren’t in the conversation. The gap between the haves and the have-nots is widening, so make sure you end up on the right side of the tracks. Here are a few keys to being decisive.

1. Have a clear vision- Successful people are successful because they have clarity about who they are and what they do, so making important decisions can be relatively simple. A clear vision can keep you from doing things that don’t line up with what you do already. A good idea can’t distract a focused professional. It’s easy to be decisive. Successful people are protected from good ideas, which have distracted more people than sex, drugs, or alcohol. A millionaire may love an idea and still say no because they stay in their lane and stick to their vision.

2. Belief system- A strong belief system allows you to be more decisive. What do you believe? If you’re a real estate developer who believes in only buying prime real estate based on your belief system, this allows you to be decisive on investment opportunities. If you love a property but not the location, you can decisively say no because of your belief system. You won’t talk yourself into it.

3. Facts vs. Emotions- Success is not personal. I have seen so many well meaning and intelligent professionals struggle with decision-making because they are led by their emotions instead of facts. In order to be decisive, you can’t be emotional. If you stick to the facts and leave your emotions at home, you can and will become more decisive and make better decisions.


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