You’d be surprised at how many entrepreneurs, business leaders, and network marketers can’t recite their company’s mission statement. That’s like an actor getting up on stage without ever seeing a script, or an individual stepping onto a train without looking at a map. It’s a recipe for disaster. A clear and compelling mission statement is the script, the map, the purpose for a company to reach the next level. But a mission statement is not something you throw together on your commute to work one day. To create a solid mission statement that will get your company inspired and re-focused, consider these 5 ways to write a mission statement that moves people.

Less Is More
This is a mission statement, not a company profile or biography. You want your mission statement to be something people can say, remember and recite easily. You want it to wrap up everything your company does into a sentence or two that packs a punch. It will be the filter in which you run every business decision, so it needs to encompass the values and goals of the company in a sentence or two. Here are some examples of powerful, yet short, mission statements:

  • JetBlue: To inspire humanity – both in the air and on the ground.
  • Life is Good: To spread the power of optimism.
  • Facebook: To give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.”
  • Hyatt: “To provide authentic hospitality by making a difference in the lives of the people we touch every day.”

Even though they are short, you have no question about what they do or who they do it for after reading their statement.

While many companies choose to go the more detailed mission statement route, most never exceed more than 2-3 sentences. Think about the things that are critical for people to understand about your company. Use that. The other stuff can be featured in the vision, on your website or in your logo. Your mission statement is sacred and should be reserved for the values and ideas that your company holds in the highest regard.

Don’t Be Generic
When you are creating your mission statement, make sure that it’s unique to the goals and values of your specific company. If you can plug the name of any company into your mission statement, it’s too generic. Make a list of catch phrases and keywords that are unique to the culture of your business, and see how they can fit into your mission statement. Get creative. This often serves as a customer’s first impression of your company. Stand out.

Ask The Foundational Four
Your mission statement is a statement of purpose. It’s not a fluffy, feel-good sentence that people want to put on a bumper sticker. It’s a confident statement that embodies who your company is. As you create your mission statement, make sure it answers these four foundational questions:

  • Who are we?
  • What do we do?
  • For whom do we do it?
  • Why do we do it?

If your customer base can’t answer these four questions after reading your mission statement, it needs to be revised. Customers should be able to know who you are and what value you add to their lives by reading your mission statement. Interview yourself. Ask yourself these questions and write down your answers. Then play with your answers until you can get all of the answers to flow together. That is your mission statement.

Keep Your Customers In Mind
Why do your customers need your service or product? What is your audience looking for in product or service such as yours? How can you let them know, from the get-go, that you have what they need? Your mission statement is a way for your company to stay focused, but it is also the way your customers understand what they can expect from you. Put the words they want to see up close and personal so that there is no question that your company can give them what they need.

Get Expert Help
Maybe you’re a strong business leader, but the idea of sitting down to write a mission statement gives you the heebie-jeebies. Maybe you are a phenomenal public speaker but getting the right words down on paper is something you struggle with. Or maybe you’ve never created a powerful mission statement before. If this is you, don’t just wing it. Join the Next Level: Personal Development Mastermind Group and get the expert advice you need to create a powerful mission statement that will change the course of your business and your life. Seeking out expert advice could mean the difference between a mediocre mission statement and one that truly embodies your company.

Leave your mission statement in the comments below, and we’ll try to guess your business!

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