The Walter Bond team gets excited about Mondays. We have come to understand the power of a fresh start, a new week, and another opportunity to set goals and crush them. We’ve learned to relax and refresh over the weekend to be at our best on Monday morning. When you learn to embrace Mondays with hope, expectation, and excitement, you’ll be blown away at how you can radically change your week, your month and your year.

Mondays are a day for goal setting. Ask any successful business leader, millionaire, or athlete about how they got where they are, and they’ll tell you it’s clear and intentional goal setting. But thinking about a goal isn’t enough. You have to decide on a goal and write. it. down. A goal that isn’t written down is merely a wish. Writing down your goals for the week gives you a plan and guide for how to manage your time throughout the week.

Goal setting isn’t just about the end goal either. It’s about setting yourself up for success, one step at a time, to reach those goals. What little steps can you do every day to move you closer to your goal? What things in your life do you need to say “not now” to so that you can make time to make your goals happen?

Along with writing down your goals on Mondays, you need to find an accountability partner. Go to that person that you know isn’t going to accept your excuses, who will hit you with some tough love when you need it, and more importantly, who wants you to succeed. Schedule a Monday morning phone call, or even text conversation, sharing your goals and your action steps for the week. Don’t forget to share your “why” so that you can be reminded about why reaching this goal is so important to you.

If goal setting isn’t your strength, you’re in luck. The All Buts Stink Online Training Course has an entire section devoted to the power of intentional goal setting. When you understand the impact that the pressure of goals has on your success, you’ll find yourself setting goals, crushing goals and quickly rising to the next level in your career.

What are your goals for the week? What action steps are in place to help you get there? If you’re not sure, let us help. Set a goal to learn more about goal setting by investing in the All Buts Stink Training Course today!


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