I’ve seen a lot of people over the last 12 hours complain that the Super Bowl was boring, that it lacked the high-energy, sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seats kind of drama that the big game is known for. I heard a lot of good things about the commercials (as usual) and the half time show generally earned rave reviews. Whether you love ‘em or you hate ‘em, the New England Patriots brought home the win, and I’m happy for them.

As I ate my chicken wings (I told y’all I was excited about those wings!) I was thinking about this whole Super Bowl was a classic example of old school vs. new school. The New England Patriots are old school, and the LA Rams are new school. Last night’s game proved that sometimes sticking to old school techniques can beat trying to get new and fresh and fancy. Some things just work. For the Patriots, there are plays that work and have worked, for 30+ years that allowed them to present a strong defense and keep the Rams from scoring. New England’s quarterback, whether you love him or you hate him, simply has more experience than the Rams’ quarterback. They relied on their established team chemistry and old school techniques to win the game. And sometimes in business, we need to do the same thing.

If your business is sales, you’ve got to get on the phone. You’ve got to go to networking events, meet people, pass our your business card on elevators. These practices have worked for decades, and there is something classic and effective about these old school techniques. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in new apps and technology, innovative new ways to do the same thing we’ve been doing for years. Of course, you’d be doing your business a disservice if you didn’t take advantage of some of the new school practices, but it’s all about balance. But don’t get so caught up in technology and innovation that you let the simple, yet effective, methods that can make the difference in your business.

As a professional speaker, sometimes I can get caught up in creative phrasing or colorful visuals and forget that my purpose to get up and speak to people. Sometimes I forget I don’t need fancy tricks or gimmicks to get my point across, and some of the most powerful moments have been when I went off script, got a little personal, a little raw, and just spoke truth. I’m confident that you can have big professional victories by remembering to implement old school strategies into your business plan.

As I coach eager business owners, I do my best to balance old school resources with more innovative techniques. I remind them that simply writing down your goals, your game plan, and the gaps you need to close in order to reach success on a single planning sheet can be a game changer. You’d be surprised at all of the business leaders who are so focused on technology and innovative marketing that they forget the power that comes from simply writing down your goals or participating in an online training program for business leaders.

My takeaway from the Super Bowl was a reminder that old school still works. That there is nothing wrong with sticking to the plans and procedures that have proven to be successful. There is power is going back to the basics. As small business leaders, franchise owners, network marketers, and entrepreneurs, we have to take a lesson from the Super Bowl champs and not be afraid to keep it old school.

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  1. John Burke
    John Burke says:

    Your perspective on this is awesome something that I always believed in and don’t mess with it if it works just implement and critique???


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