Next level mindset

We’ve been brainwashed. Yes, we’ve been brainwashed. Think about it, we went to kindergarten and if we were mediocre, we got promoted to the next level called elementary school. We went to elementary school, if we were at least mediocre, we got promoted to high school. Am I right or wrong? And all you had to do is be mediocre in high school, and some of you guys were a pain in the butt, and they graduated you anyway because they didn’t want to deal with you the next year, am I right or wrong? So, we’ve been conditioned to get promoted, even if we’re mediocre. Mistake. We’ve been conditioned, that someone else is in charge of our promotion. Our next level. I’m here to tell you as a former professional athlete, all we talked about was the next level and most people think the next level is a cliche. The next level is not a cliche, the next level is a lifestyle. The next level is a tangible place. In three years, I’ve doubled my NBA income in the marketplace. That’s what I call the next level. See I firmly believe that making money is easy. I’ve been in business 15 years. Every year my salary and income gets bigger, stronger and faster. Why? Because I understand the keys to that proverbial next level. You are in charge of your next level. You cannot expect to get promoted to that next level, if you are mediocre. Some of you guys are doing the five million, you want to get your next level, it’s going to require you to become somebody different. If you’re at ten million, you want to get to twenty million, you can, but you must become someone different. What is your methodology on leadership? What is your methodology on culture? What is your methodology on sales? What is your methodology on teamwork? We can go to a Super Bowl party, and we miss the real lesson. You can be down 28 to 3, but if you have a methodology, the teammates won’t panic. If you have a methodology, your teammates won’t quit. When you have a methodology, whether you’re winning or losing, regardless of the score, if you got a methodology, it’s the only way that you can win. Your next level is attainable. Your next level is a tangible place. Your next level is up to you, but your next level is about you creating, adopting or learning methodologies for everything. Now can I be honest with you? Divorce in America is about 50%. The only thing that happens in relationships, we date. We go to movies, we put on cologne and perfume, we actually comb our hair, we open up the door. We got one methodology, to get her. We got one methodology, to get him. And then we get married. And what happens? We change our methodology. Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been married 23 years and men, I want you to hear me closely. I have a methodology, and here’s my philosophy: it’s cheaper to keep her. So as a result, I try my best to behave the exact same way I behaved when we dated. As I do 23 years later, try it. I promise you, it’ll work. Alright, lesson number one, lesson number one, lesson number one. If you want to be successful, business lesson number one, cut off the news. The media’s job is not to tell us the truth, the media’s job is to make money. The media has figured out that America is addicted to negative information. So every night at six, when you cut off the news, do you ever turn to your wife, husband, significant other and say, “Honey, I feel real good about America.”? When’s the last time you said that? When you cut off the news, you’re angry, you’re sad, you’re frustrated. Some people are actually scared. I kicked my competition’s butt because I don’t watch the news. One methodology I want to teach you today, is what I use to close deals. And I almost never hear the word, “No.” See, my marketing methodology is called the “mousetrap”. My job, is to simply catch mice. In this context, mice are meeting planners. People who plan meetings. So in order to build a good mousetrap, you got to figure out some good cheese. You got to build a good mousetrap, which begins with cheese. Here’s my cheese: Every meeting planner wants a speaker who’s entertaining, and dynamic and gives the audience great information. That’s my cheese. So all my marketing materials, since I’m very entertaining and dynamic, and I give great information. But once you got somebody nibbling on your cheese, I come in with the close, and it’s fast, it’s strong, and it’s swept because every meeting planner wants an entertaining and dynamic speaker who gives great information. That’s what they’re looking for, and I know it. So can I ask you a question? What are your customers looking for? Don’t think like you, think like a customer. See, your closing mechanism always need to be connected to a promise. People buy promises. I got a coaching program where I teach all my business leaders all my methodologies, and I just gave you one for free. Kind, I didn’t go too deep, as deep as I could go, can you do me a favor? Go back and build a mousetrap, make sure you got some good cheese, but what is your closing mechanism? Everyone loves a promise. I’ll be the best motivational speaker your group’s ever had. You guys know I almost never hear the word, “No.” [Music]I’ll be the best speaker your group’s ever had. It’s really hard to say no to that, wouldn’t you agree? One of the best ways you can build a marketing methodology, is stop thinking like you, and start thinking like your customers.[Music] What has made me a multimillionaire. I’m gonna reveal to you right now, and I can prove it to you. The superstars that you’re looking for, are on the tip of my tongue. Well, what did we think? Did we like him? The likeability factor is the best kept secret in business. Hire for attitude, train for skill. Hire for attitude, train for skill. Hire for attitude, train for skill. The superstars you are looking for in any service based industry are likeable people, and I can prove it to you. Have you ever wondered why and how Oprah, became a billionaire? Oprah convinced 30 million women and about a million men, that she was their best friend, and every afternoon there’s 31 million people would tune in to their best friend. Oprah converted the likeability factor into money, is everybody with me? If you don’t have a methodology, you’re gonna have rebellious people spark every now and then. Am I right or wrong? If you don’t have a methodology, you’re gonna have people go off the reservation every now and then, am I right or wrong? So if you don’t have a methodology, and you got people doing dumb stuff, that’s not their fault, that’s your fault. Did we like them? If the answer was, “uh,” what’d that really mean? Next! Have you guys ever paid attention to the greatest salesmen on this earth? See, I pay attention. They call me a thought leader, so I’m always thinking. The greatest salesmen on this earth are not business people, they’re a bunch of girls four feet tall. Who am I talking about? The Girl Scouts, man, you will bounce a check before you turn a Girl Scout away! You will buy more cookies, even if you got some cookies in the house, am I right or wrong? And let’s be honest, those cookies aren’t that freaking big. Those little girls are sales assassins. It’s hard to say no to a Girl Scout, it’s like emotional, and here’s why. We’ve all heard the term before, but we don’t execute it. People want to buy from people they know, people they like, people they trust, have you heard that before? But yet, do you execute that methodology? We know Girl Scouts, we like Girl Scouts, and we trust Girl Scouts. It’s hard to say no when you have the trifecta. If you’re ready to go to that next level, and install methodology say, “uh huh!”