October was another busy and successful month for the Bonds! We traveled, spent time with loved ones and stayed busy. We’ve been making changes to our lifestyle and committing more time to our physical and spiritual health each morning before we get started on our workday. Our kids are out of the house so we’re removed from a lot of the Halloween festivities, but our family is serious about Thanksgiving and Christmas!

We spent October in Kansas City and San Diego. We mixed business with pleasure as we toured a gorgeous California winery and met a lot of great people who are undoubtedly on the fast track to the next level.

We spoke to business leaders in the real estate and franchising industries, and motivated people to develop clear mission statements, establish healthy habits and rituals, and dove into the importance of building relationships and networking.

Walter channeled his inner athlete as he spent time with the coaches and players of the Cleveland Browns. Walter felt right at home sharing words of wisdom and experience with young, hungry athletes who were focused on growth and continued success.

We were also fortunate to participate in a handful of networking events right in our own backyard, West Palm Beach, and met some inspirational “movers and shakers” who are changing the game in their individual industries.

Another major milestone was the launch of our highly anticipated Next Level: Mastermind Group. We started this intensive training program out strong; connecting business leaders, network marketers, and entrepreneurs together to discuss topics that would help them transform into impact players in their companies. Spots may fill up for November, so if you are interested, get in on it now!

We’re not the kind of family to rush into Christmas preparation and do our best to spend November reflecting on our blessings and fostering an attitude of gratefulness. But you better believe we will be 100% in Christmas mode right after our post-Thanksgiving Day meal nap! Anyone else?

You’ll start 2019 the same way you ended 2018, so join us in making these last few months others-focused, intentional, and next level bound.


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