Your off season is a time to reflect and recharge. It doesn’t mean you put a halt on all of your responsibilities or go on vacation. Your off season is intentional and deliberate. It is a part of your game plan, not a detour from it. Here are 10 ways an off season will significantly improve your performance when you’re back in.

Honest Assessment Of You And Your Business

A step back from the everyday grind of your business allows you to do some serious self-reflection. An off season enables you to get out of your own way and see your business and your role within the company in a new light. This fresh perspective can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of both the company and your leadership style and serve as a starting point for improvement.

Planned Time To Focus On Strategic Growth

An off season allows you to analyze where you started, where you are, and where you want to go. This time gives you the opportunity to focus on how you can grow as a leader and how your company can get to the next level. As you hone in on building your business, make sure you’re investing in each of the four primary growth strategies:

  • Diversification
  • Product Development
  • Market Development
  • Market Penetration

When you have a handle on these four growth strategies, you’ll be on your way towards future growth.

Get Bigger, Faster, Stronger

An off season allows you to get stronger in other aspects of your life that will ultimately improve your performance in business. Whether you use this time to learn a new skill, focus on your physical health, develop your relationships, or get more connected with your faith, this intentional time of rest and reflection allows you to pour into areas of your life that may have been neglected in the hustle and bustle of growing your business. Athletes don’t sit around and eat bonbons on their off season; they find different ways to build the muscles they need to be an impact player during the regular season. You need to do the same.

Action Plan Creation

Sometimes a new action plan is all you need to feel motivated and excited to move forward in your professional life. Creating a revised action plan will refocus your attention on your goals and give you practical steps to achieve them. If you’ve been working off of the same action plan for a while, your off season is a great time to revisit it and make sure it’s the best course of action for where you are at this moment.

Business Plan Refresh

When was the last time you looked at your business plan? For many business owners and entrepreneurs, it was the day they wrote it. Go back and find that business plan and see if it aligns with your core values and practices now. You’ve learned a lot since you wrote it, and it may need an upgrade. An off season is the perfect time to give your business plan a facelift and make it relevant to the current trajectory of your business.

Strategy To Boost Sales

Once your business plan has been refreshed, you can start to critically think about a strategy that will help improve sales. This could mean getting honest feedback from past clients, asking for referrals, revamping your social media, holding a special sale or promotion, or consider adjusting your prices. Your off season gives you the chance to crunch the numbers and see where you could make changes to boost sales.

Improved Vision and Culture

What does it feel like to work for your company? Are people excited to come to work? Are YOU excited to go to work? Are people there for a paycheck or because they believe in the vision of the company? What can you do to boost office morale, build professional relationships and create a team of people who feel valued and appreciated? Use your off season as a time to improve the culture of your company and make sure everything you are doing aligns with the vision of your company.

Analyze And Implement New Marketing Strategy

Is your marketing plan the best it could be? Have you made any changes or tried anything new recently to reach your target audience? If not, now is a great time to look carefully at your marketing strategy and make adjustments.

Determine New Habits And Rituals

Think of your off season as a fresh start right in the middle of the game. It’s a time to develop new habits and rituals that will make you a better leader. You don’t have to wait until January 1st to make a commitment to self improvement. Use your off season to work towards quitting a habit that is holding you back or starting one that will help you feel better, look better and be better. During your off season you could:

  • Start exercising every day
  • Quit smoking
  • Start going to church again
  • Stop checking your phone during dinner
  • Work on being on time/early
  • Stop interrupting people
  • Be more patient
  • Start a journal

There is no better time to develop a new habit or rituals than during a time made specifically for self-reflection and self-improvement.

Execute A Plan Of Attack

Your off season is your time to get as excited and pumped up about your business you were the day you created it. Use all of the things you’ve learned in your analysis of your business to create a new plan of attack to launch your business to the next level. When you come back to work after your off season period, you will have a fresh perspective and new tools and strategies to implement to make your business the best it’s ever been.

An off season is not a sign of weakness. It’s not time off because it’s too much or you’re overwhelmed or you can’t handle it. It is a strategic part of running a business that results in growth, progress and productivity.

So when is your off season?


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