Someone wrote to me after reading Swim! and said that a few days after reading it, she found herself thinking about CiCi as if CiCi were a real person. She had made an emotional connection with the character even though the character wasn’t real. I hope that everyone who reads Swim! can connect and identify with at least one of the characters. Check out the breakdown of each of the main characters in Swim! and see who you identify with the most:


Paul comes from a background of brokeness. He has a strained relationship with his father, a powerful man who shows his love in the form of expensive gifts. He grew up seeking validation from people, especially his father, and would do whatever it took to his father’s approval. Paul found himself chasing money and women and expensive toys to fill a void. He can come off as arrogant and “showy” but these characteristics are just a way to cover up old wounds and prevent new ones. Paul is a successful, wealthy, and powerful businessman. For him, success sometimes means sacrificing relationships. Paul is hesitant but willing to see things from a different perspective and can identify weaknesses in himself, although it takes quite a bit of searching. 


Scotty also comes from a background of brokenness and strained parental relationships. His teenage years were dotted with drug use and jail time, but he was lucky enough to find a mentor to turn things around for him. Scotty is hardworking and values his family and his faith. He looks out for others and sees the beauty in the flaws of other people. He can be self-conscious and insecure at times but would do anything for anyone. 


CiCi is everybody’s cheerleader. She is supportive and kind, but don’t mess with her family. She is fiercely loyal and confident, loves deeply, and has experienced plenty of heartbreak in her life. She forgives but she doesn’t forget, and she uses her obstacles and painful circumstances to help others. She is thankful for the life she and Scotty have built, and encourages everyone around her to be the best they can be. 


Drew is high-energy, friendly, and focused. He is a deep thinker, hard worker, and profound leader. He’s unconventional, a little behind when it comes to technology, and sometimes a bit much for people. He puts the success of others before himself, and can always turn an ordinary moment into a teachable moment. He works hard, is not afraid to show emotion, and is an eternal optimist. 


Brittany is smart and independent and clever like her mom. She wears her heart on her sleeve and you can tell everything she’s thinking by the look on her face. She loves her family, values education, and has big dreams and goals for herself. She can be quick to judge but is always willing to give everyone a chance. She puts her family first and has no time for nonsense.


When you first meet Zack, you may assume he’s antisocial and maybe even a little arrogant. He can come off as detached and uninterested. However, Zach is a thinker. He also has a deep-rooted need to be accepted, and everything he says or does is based on receiving validation from others. He is tech-savvy and a man of few words. His attitude can be a little rash at times, but when given the opportunity, he is a free thinker and stands for what is right. Zack tends to be a follower, but put in the right circumstances can rise as a leader. 

Which Swim! character do you identify with the most? Maybe you are most like Scotty, but there’s a little bit of Zach in you too. Perhaps you see a lot of yourself in Paul, but also know there is a bit of Brittany within you too. Being able to identify with one or more of the characters allows you to immerse yourself in the book and really soak in all of the lessons it has to offer.

My challenge for you this week: Identity which Swim! character you relate to the most. Find our most recent post about Swim! and comment with #SwimTeamPaul or #SwimTeamScotty (or whatever character you choose) We can’t wait to see which character you relate to the most. 


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