The old style of leadership is for the king/queen to sit on his/her throne and bark out orders. Anyone that doesn’t comply—off with your head. Sounds like an episode of Games of Thrones, right? But leaders are still leading the same way: figuratively beheading people from a big chair every day. In this dog-eat-dog world, are you behaving like a dog?

The real question is this: do you still subscribe to this archaic form of leadership? If so, no wonder you have low levels of engagement, high turnover, and trust issues on your team. Nobody wants to be beheaded at the town square. Step into the modern day, and lead with a different focus. Smart leaders remove the layers from their organizations and buy in to modern leadership, where your focus will qualify or disqualify you. Do you focus on your people serving you or do you focus on serving your people? Wouldn’t you rather have high engagement, accountability, trust, effective teamwork, and employees who take pride in your company and culture? You can have all this by simply having the right focus. You should serve your most valuable commodity: your workforce. Nothing is more important than that. You must take care of your internal customers first if you want to wow your external customers.

Leaders, your biggest challenge is attracting, developing, and retaining top talent. Do you focus on serving or being served? I think we know the answer to this open-book test. You can stay on your throne and be average, or you can step down to earth and soar as a servant leader.

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