Grow Your Revenue By At Least 10% This Year With Group Coaching For Small Business Owners

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Question: Are You Where You Want To Be In Life?

Playing in the NBA taught me a vital lesson about success.

Every successful person/team/business has a PROCESS in place that ensures their success…

But before that, they have a coach to help them learn that process.

But where do you go to find a coach for what you do?

Amid all the challenges that small business owners face in 2020, I’ve decided to take the lessons I’ve learned as a high-level coach, a successful public speaker, and a successful business owner, and turn them into our FIRST Small Business Mastermind Group.

I’m Offering You A Personal Invitation To Join A VERY EXCLUSIVE Class.

A chance to be part of the only group of small business being coached for THE SHARK MINDSET.

What is the Shark Mindset?

It’s a special combination of mindset, skillsets, and business insights that I’ve preached to my high-profile clients for years now – with A LOT of positive feedback. It’s the way of life that the highest earners in their fields choose…..the key to how they dominate their respective seas. It’s also the focus of my bestselling book SWIM! How A Shark, A Suckerfish, And A Parasite Teach You Leadership, Mentoring, and Next Level Success. This is not a course in business THEORY. This is THE REAL WORLD. The lessons I’ve picked up in 19 years of working with executives from some of the TOP companies in the world….people who started out just like you, and made it to the top! This is the type of business education some people spend THOUSANDS on – and sometimes still don’t get.


Here’s The Type Of Business You Could Be Running By 2021

If you spend ONE YEAR COMPLETELY DEDICATED to applying the Shark Mindset to your business, you could actually enjoy owning the type of business that:

  • Runs Without You Having To Be Involved In EVERYTHING
  • Sells ONLY To Your “A Customer”
  • Has A 90-Day Growth Plan – And MEETS The Main Goals Each Quarter
  • Is Aligned With The Right People and Businesses
  • Is Able To Shift And Adjust With Changing Times

What You Get When You Sign Up

Sign up today, and you’ll get instant digital access to our Shark Training Program. This 14-Module training course is a step-by-step walkthrough of everything a marketing consultant would assess about your business, and the strategy you’ll need to turn those insights into explosive growth. You’ll also get immediate access to our PREMIUM digital content, which includes:

  • My regular SharkBite Video-Coaching Series – for serious SHARKS ONLY.
  • Access to interviews with MILLION DOLLAR MINDS – celebrity entrepreneurs who are willing to share their secrets to success

Each month, we’ll have a team check-in to talk growth, progress, and next steps. You’ll also have the opportunity to network with other members of this Mastermind Group! Many coaches in my space would normally charge close to $20,000 for a program like this. I’m offering you 365 days of access for ONLY $497 per quarter.

The course modules

Purpose is everything in business. Learn how the most successful organizations reassess the why in their business, so you can start working on the new-and-improved version of the how with clarity.

Discover the power of digging deep to find what makes your business unique, strengthening those qualities, and using them to gain an edge in even the most competitive markets.

Learn how to analyze your own business the way a consultant would. For the first time, you’ll clearly see your strengths, your weaknesses, and the opportunities, and how to attack what’s standing in your way.

Learn how to set the kind of goals that further growth, and how to stick to them (no matter what comes up).

Rise above the chaos. Learn the secrets behind entrepreneurs who always have control over their business – rather than letting their business control them.

Discover how to identify your A customer – the client that brings you the most value – learn who they are, where they are, and how to become their preferred vendor/service provider.

Find out how to attract the “right kind of employee” – what to look for – and how to keep them once you have them!

Master the powerful practice of creating an actionable plan of growth – a map to show you where to go and how to get there.

Learn how to get systems in place that will keep the essential parts of your business running, without you having to be constantly involved (and feeling overwhelmed).

Learn how to create a business plan from scratch!

Tap into the power of networking, and gain insight into the minds of successful people in and outside of your area of expertise.

Help you business get into financial shape. Get lessons on healthy financial practices, increasing cash flow, investments, business offerings, payroll, and much more!

Learn to align yourself with the type of people who will uplift your business, not drag it down. Learn to relate better to your customers or clients, and get them to love you.

Learn how to develop long-term vision for your business, and how to pivot in an uncertain business world.