“That can’t be right”

If you’re a business leader (or a manager), this might be your first thought after reading the following numbers: 

80% of US employees feel stressed due to ineffective company communication. 63% want to quit because of it. (Dynamic Signal)

69% of leaders admit to witnessing “finger pointing, deflecting, blaming, and/or making excuses for behaviors” on their teams (iTeam)

85%  of global workers are either not engaged or actively disengaged at work (Gallup)

         How could so many businesses struggle with the same problems?

The answer is actually simple. 

Few, if any, have stopped to address the root cause.  

As a training organization, we’ve discovered the often-overlooked sources of workplace dysfunctions – and in the process, helped business leaders across the country transform work groups into truly UNSTOPPABLE organizations. 

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