He lost track of CiCi when an energetic man came barreling towards him.

“Hi! “I’m Andrew, but you can call me Drew,” he said and outstretched his hand with a smile. Scotty held out his hand in a pathetic attempt at a handshake, and Drew took it forcefully. He shook it hard enough to make Scotty’s whole torso shake.

“People can tell a lot about you by your handshake. Make sure it’s strong. And look me in the eye. Try it again,” Drew said, releasing Scotty’s hand. Scotty rolled his eyes. He was not in the mood for Jolly Mr. Rogers over here, and now he lost CiCi. He humored the guy and gave a half decent handshake, and was relieved that Drew took it as acceptable.

Often throughout our life, what we perceive to be an obstacle or a distraction is actually the catalyst for our life change. We may not like it, and we may not want to embrace it. But we are here for a purpose, and every situation, whether good or bad, is all part of our unique life plan. You never know when you may meet the person who will become your mentor. You never know when you’ll meet the person who needs to be mentored by you. Keep an open mind about your circumstances. Choose to see them as opportunities instead of obstacles.

Your challenges this week

Challenge One: Pre-order your version of Swim!

Challenge Two: Be intentional this week about choosing to see your obstacles as opportunities.


Lead by example

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Lead your company by following through with your promises and keeping your word. Don’t be the person that says what others want to hear, that doesn’t help anyone. When you mess up, own it and move on. Show your team that it is not about the mistake that you make, but the way you handle it with honesty and integrity.

Liberate your team from the perfection expectation

We should all strive for excellence, but we will never be perfect. Trust issues in the workplace often stem from people being so concerned about maintaining a perfect reputation that they are willing to do or say anything. Free your team from the expectation of perfection, and put an emphasis on solid work ethic, honesty, and transparency over perfection.

Be consistent

Trust takes time to build, and even more time to repair once it is broken. If there are trust issues in your workplace, remember that consistency is key to building trust. It will not happen overnight. As you continue to be accountable your actions and hold others accountable, as you admit to mistakes and are quick to forgive, as you set the expectation for honesty and integrity high, slowly but surely you will begin to build a foundation of trust.

A team that trusts each other is unstoppable. This week, when you make a mistake, own it and use it as a teaching opportunity to model humility, accountability, and integrity. Then watch your team follow suite.

Truth starts with truth and ends with truth.

When you can’t change the direction of the wind — adjust your sails. H. Jackson Brown Jr

Every day, we have the opportunity to enter into the workday with an attitude of gratitude and positivity or indifference and negativity. And all day, we can shift our attitude in a way that will bring more patience, productivity, and success into our day. But it’s a choice. If you’re an adult and you’re still walking into each day not fully aware of the gift that it is, and unwilling to master the techniques and strategies to shift your mindset and reset your attitude, you’re not next level bound.

People who are getting to the next level understand the significance of their attitude. They no longer adhere to the idea that they are a victim of their circumstances. They no longer give fear and laziness the power to keep them from their destiny. They adopt an attitude of “I can. I will. I must.” They don’t let the actions and opinions of others control their attitude or their mindset. Attitude is everything. It is the foundation for your success, and you get to decide whether that foundation is rock solid and indestructible, or if it’s weak and prone to crumbling.

Positive self-talk and positive affirmations not only build confidence and get you in a powerful mental state to reach the next level, but it’s been proven to reduce stress, decrease depression rates, and even strengthen your immune system. Living a healthy lifestyle starts with your attitude and how you talk to and about yourself.

Your attitude, whether positive or negative, is contagious. When people are around you this week, will they feel capable, uplifted, encouraged, and inspired? Or will they feel defeated, stressed, unable, unwilling and unmotivated? And be careful about surrounding yourself with people who refuse to adopt a positive attitude. Their negativity will weigh you down. Find the good in difficult situations and refuse to be the person who constantly complains, points the finger or plays the victim. Step up and decide that your attitude is your responsibility.

This week, find opportunities to implement these four attitudes of success:

  • Possibility. Find a way when there is no way. Do the things others think cannot be done, more importantly, do the things you think can not be done
  • Self-Reliance. This week, take control of your success by figuring out what you can do to get yourself to the next level. What action steps can you make that don’t require input or response from anyone else? Do those.
  • Don’t Quit. You’re fully aware of what happens when you quit on something, so what if this week you adopted the attitude of commitment? Decide this week to push forward when you normally quit and watch what happens.
  • Improvement. An attitude shift doesn’t mean everything will go as you want it to, or that you’ll suddenly see drastic growth and improvements across the board. Apply the attitude of improvement to your life this week and look for the tiny victories. Celebrate the growth and development in yourself and others.

The reality is that sometimes we just aren’t in the mood to be productive, goal-oriented, or hard working. But your mood and your attitude are not the same things. Your mood is a fluctuation in your emotions based on your circumstances. Your attitude is your outlook on the world and the way you choose to see the possibilities in front of you. You’re allowed to have an off day, don’t beat yourself up for that. What you’re not allowed to do is dwell in a negative or victim mentality and let it rob you of your dreams.

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Give yourself the gift of an attitude adjustment this week and watch how it changes things in your marriage, your relationships with your kids, your workplace and your social circle.