A productive and powerful off season will involve you addressing things that are challenging, that require you to do some serious self-reflecting, identify your weaknesses and inspire you to take risks. But there’s one question you need to be asking yourself to ensure that your off season is taking you in the direction you want to go.

“Will this advance me to the next level?”

If done correctly, your off season will help you strengthen your foundation and identify weaknesses that could be holding you back from success. If, before you made a change or decision regarding your next steps in business, you asked yourself “will this advance me to the next level?” you’d be surprised at how many things you think you need to be doing that aren’t actively pushing you towards the next level. There are three  ways to ensure your off season stays on track and that your focus is consistently on things that will launch you to the next level:

The 1 Page Planning Sheet

This easy to use, single page resource is designed with your off season in mind. The simple yet dynamic layout allows you to write down an visualize your goals, your game plan and the gaps in your life that you will need to eliminate in order to achieve your goals. This page can be tucked away in your planner or posted to your refrigerator, either way, it keeps your mind on the things that will get you to the next level.

Studies show that there is power in writing things down. Writing down your goals and your action steps makes them more tangible and therefore makes you more inclined to work towards them. If you find yourself writing things down on napkins or on the back of cereal boxes, you may want to level up to a more professional and dynamic resource that will allow you to track your progress and hold you accountable. Dreams are just dreams until you write them down, then they become goals.

The Off Season Audio Download

This resource offers insightful and relatable action steps to help push you forward to the next level. This audio download can be played in the car, while you’re working out, or as you make dinner for your family. It takes an in-depth look at the reason an off season is so important, a step by step guide to planning your off season, and the results you can expect from your off season if done correctly. The easy-to-listen-to guide will get you excited for what you can accomplish in your off season, and will inspire you to keep asking yourself “will this advance me to the next level?”

If the answer is no, you’ll learn practical yet powerful ways to let go of the things that aren’t contributing to your success.

The Off Season Training Course

For those serious about maximizing their off season results, the full Off Season Training Course is your next right step. This comprehensive training course comes with a detailed workbook, 24/7 access to exclusive off season videos, a detox plan for your business and so much more. Equipped with this course along with the other two resources mentioned above, you are destined for an off season packed with purpose and power!

Have you planned your off season for this year yet? Have you blocked out a window of time specifically for working on your business, your mental and physical health, and your relationships? If not, you are doing your business a disservice. Decide today to implement an off season into your business plan and when you ask yourself “will this advance me to the next level?” the answer will be 100% yes!

The Walter Bond team gets excited about Mondays. We have come to understand the power of a fresh start, a new week, and another opportunity to set goals and crush them. We’ve learned to relax and refresh over the weekend to be at our best on Monday morning. When you learn to embrace Mondays with hope, expectation, and excitement, you’ll be blown away at how you can radically change your week, your month and your year.

Mondays are a day for goal setting. Ask any successful business leader, millionaire, or athlete about how they got where they are, and they’ll tell you it’s clear and intentional goal setting. But thinking about a goal isn’t enough. You have to decide on a goal and write. it. down. A goal that isn’t written down is merely a wish. Writing down your goals for the week gives you a plan and guide for how to manage your time throughout the week.

Goal setting isn’t just about the end goal either. It’s about setting yourself up for success, one step at a time, to reach those goals. What little steps can you do every day to move you closer to your goal? What things in your life do you need to say “not now” to so that you can make time to make your goals happen?

Along with writing down your goals on Mondays, you need to find an accountability partner. Go to that person that you know isn’t going to accept your excuses, who will hit you with some tough love when you need it, and more importantly, who wants you to succeed. Schedule a Monday morning phone call, or even text conversation, sharing your goals and your action steps for the week. Don’t forget to share your “why” so that you can be reminded about why reaching this goal is so important to you.

If goal setting isn’t your strength, you’re in luck. The All Buts Stink Online Training Course has an entire section devoted to the power of intentional goal setting. When you understand the impact that the pressure of goals has on your success, you’ll find yourself setting goals, crushing goals and quickly rising to the next level in your career.

What are your goals for the week? What action steps are in place to help you get there? If you’re not sure, let us help. Set a goal to learn more about goal setting by investing in the All Buts Stink Training Course today!


Executive presence is all about “it.” Do you have the “it” factor working for you? Professionals with executive presence can command a room; when they walk into a room, people notice and listen. Do people stop to listen to you?

The key to EP is being perceived as leadership material. EP is a combination of perception and reality. In other words, you look and play the part. If you have the desire or have been frustrated with your lack of advancement, you need to consider improving your executive presence. Look at it this way: about 25% of your job is to master the perception that you are executive material. Here are the 4 keys to executive presence.

1. Communication
Your speaking skills are paramount to mastering EP. Get to Toastmasters as soon as you can and practice. Speak slowly and use big words, but most importantly, speak as an expert in your field. Know your stuff.

2. Assertiveness
Leaders with executive presence know what they want. Not to be confused with being controlling or bossy, lead confidently and adapt to your team. You can’t be flaky or non-committal. You must be decisive.

3. Social Awareness
Social awareness is the ability to read an audience or situation and act accordingly. You know how to handle all types of people in a smooth and delicate manner to keep morale high and conflict low. In each interaction, people respect how you handle yourself and each situation.

4. Appearance
Look like success, look like money. Human nature is powerful; appearance contributes to a person’s perceived executive presence. If you look good, studies show you will make more money. Why? People give you the benefit of the doubt when you pass the eyeball test.


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The old style of leadership is for the king/queen to sit on his/her throne and bark out orders. Anyone that doesn’t comply—off with your head. Sounds like an episode of Games of Thrones, right? But leaders are still leading the same way: figuratively beheading people from a big chair every day. In this dog-eat-dog world, are you behaving like a dog?

The real question is this: do you still subscribe to this archaic form of leadership? If so, no wonder you have low levels of engagement, high turnover, and trust issues on your team. Nobody wants to be beheaded at the town square. Step into the modern day, and lead with a different focus. Smart leaders remove the layers from their organizations and buy in to modern leadership, where your focus will qualify or disqualify you. Do you focus on your people serving you or do you focus on serving your people? Wouldn’t you rather have high engagement, accountability, trust, effective teamwork, and employees who take pride in your company and culture? You can have all this by simply having the right focus. You should serve your most valuable commodity: your workforce. Nothing is more important than that. You must take care of your internal customers first if you want to wow your external customers.

Leaders, your biggest challenge is attracting, developing, and retaining top talent. Do you focus on serving or being served? I think we know the answer to this open-book test. You can stay on your throne and be average, or you can step down to earth and soar as a servant leader.

I’m going to make a bold statement, and I am sure you will agree with me. The reason we have had so much success with our teamwork program is because we have opened some eyes. I had an epiphany recently regarding leadership: how can you offer leadership training and never teach teamwork? How have most business leaders missed it? The very word leader implies you are in charge of a group of people focused on a common goal. Here is my bold statement: all leadership trainings that don’t include a teamwork strategy or technique are incomplete, shallow, and lack substance. If you’re going to be a leader in today’s marketplace, your whole challenge is leading a team effectively. Your respect doesn’t come from your Armani suit and your success doesn’t come from your haircut, slicked back hair, or St. John outfit. If you want to be respected and admired, you had better become an expert on teamwork because that is what your career hinges on. It is more challenging to lead a business today than it was five years ago. Don’t lose your lunch because you don’t know what you don’t know.

Your greatest leadership skill will require you to do two things: recruit, develop, and retain top talent. Once your team is stacked with talent, your second job is to work as a unit to grow the business together.

Success is a team sport, so your team is more important than anything you have—including you. It takes teamwork to make innovation a reality. It takes teamwork to deliver excellence to your clients consistently. It takes teamwork to solve problems, build capacity, and launch new products. Everything you want to accomplish in business and in life will require you to become an expert on teams. You can learn how to build an amazing culture by instilling pride and loyalty into your team. We all want to reach our potential according to Maslow’s hierarchy, but self-actualization requires the right environment, the right fit, and the right team. Your self-actualization will require you to become an expert on teamwork. Success is a team sport, and you are the coach. Let’s get to work. In our leadership training and programs, we don’t just teach leaders about teamwork—that is where we start because we believe any leadership training that doesn’t cover teamwork is incomplete.

Click the button below to receive a complimentary iTeam Audio Download where I teach you how to:

    • Build trust and respect between team members.
    • Collaborate and best use of each team member’s talents.
    • Ignite mutual understanding and respect.
    • Delegate tasks in a way that magnifies strength.
    • Build micro-teams and how to fix dysfunctional teams.
    • Boost employee engagement and job satisfaction.

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