“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” —William Arthur Ward

We’ve all been programmed, since we were kids, to say thank you. It’s a socially expected response to give when someone does something for you. But when was the last time you truly went out of your way to show gratitude towards someone? When was the last time you acknowledged and thanked someone for something, even if it had nothing to do with you? When was the last time you sat back and felt grateful for the things in your life, even just the basics like a roof over your head and air in your lungs?

Today, make a list of five things you are grateful for. If you can list more, list more. Starting your day focused on what you do have will put you in a positive mindset. You’ll be surprised at how you will begin to notice more things throughout the day that you are thankful for.

We all know people who complain all day about the things they don’t have. Those people are exhausting to be around, and their negativity is draining. Today, when you hear someone complaining, try to turn the conversation towards the positive. Find the lesson, the good, the positive in a bad situation. Use phrases like:

  • Yeah that sounds frustrating but at least….
  • Sounds like you’re having a rough day, how can I help?
  • Have you tried looking at it like this instead?
  • What do you think this lesson is trying to teach you
  • That’s happened to me before, can I tell you how I handled it and how it helped me?
  • I hear what you’re saying, and your thoughts are valid. What can we do to fix it?

When you find yourself spiraling into a “Why me?” mindset, remember the five things you wrote down. You have so much to be thankful for. One mistake, one bad day, one missed deadline will not overshadow all of the good you have in your life. Ever.

Sometimes, the best way to fix a bad attitude is by adding some gratitude. Chapter One of All Buts Stinks dives deep into the importance of a positive attitude and how it impacts your career. Check it out here; you’ll thank us later (see what we did there?)

What are YOU thankful for on this beautiful Monday?

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