Do you know what the number one complaint among workers in 2020 is?

You might think it’s uncertainty. Maybe job security.

But according to a recent study done by Metlife, that’s not the case.

It’s being tired.

The freedom of working at home has come at a price – added stress from poor work location, children and pets, and a million other distractions.

And dysfunctional management isn’t helping.

Another study found that “managers ability to coach and not boss” is the reason for 70% of variance in employee engagement scores.


The hard truth is, without a properly re-trained management team, you’re looking at a rough Q3 and Q4.

More absences.

More burnout.

Dramatically lower productivity.

You might get the same time out of them, but definitely not the energy or passion.

Make sure your management team is equipped to deliver the emotional support, clarity, and strategies to make
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