I was tired of the dorm. It was time to take the next step into adulthood. I found it – the perfect apartment. It was nice enough, and my roommate and I could afford it. Do you remember your first apartment? I am sure you do because it’s your first attempt at being a grown-up. You first had to convince mom and dad that you were ready, remember?

Once they said yes, you had to find a place you liked and could afford. You also had to find a landlord who was crazy enough to rent to you. You signed the lease, ran to Target and walla – you had your first crib.

You were in charge. You made the rules. Mom and dad were not there to tell you what to do. If you didn’t want to make your bed, you didn’t. If you didn’t want to wash the dishes, you didn’t. You were free to act like a grown-up. Your only concern was getting your security-deposit back.

When the time came, you returned the apartment in worse shape than when you leased it. You left the carpet and walls dirty. The apartment looked lived in, and the wear-and-tear you put on it took its toll. Unless you were completely negligent, you got your deposit back.

However, once you bought your first home, your attitude completely changed.

Now, you cared. You cut the grass. You shampooed the carpet. You made sure vistors used coasters.

What changed?

One thing – ownership!

You rented your apartment, but you owned your home.

So, business leaders, this is the key to employee engagement. If people rent jobs, they will bring a short-term mentality to it and not care. But if employees own their jobs, don’t you think they will take better care of them and stay longer?

And, if and when your owners leave, won’t they hand back the department, division, or job back to you in better shape than how they found it?

In our leadership training program, we will teach you the keys to employee engagement and empower you to build a culture of owners (versus renters). By mastering the simple concept of engagement, you will see a reduction in attrition and higher engagement by your employees. When professionals are owners, they care.

Our Visionary Leadership Training Program is designed to help you and your team develop positive leadership skills and traits.

If you have a desire to lead others into greatness, this is the training for you. Everything in this world revolves around leadership.  So why not become an expert on leadership?

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