Hope you’re staying safe and healthy out there.

I wanted to share this.

Last week, I watched a group have an epiphany.

I’m talking FIREWORKS – and I’m hoping this might spark something similar in you.

It happened at the kickoff of my new Shark Mastermind Group – an exclusive business class/consulting session/networking opportunity for small business owners. It started with a very cliché piece of advice – something you’ve undoubtedly heard a million times.

It sounded so simple. Almost dumb. But after a little soul-searching, it was obvious we were looking at a REAL GEM.

What were we talking about? Here’s a hint:

If you’re always busy “thinking outside the box”….you’re probably neglecting the box.

This is a PERFECT example of why I love the Shark Mastermind Group so much – it’s all about what you can learn when you attack your business problems with a good team.

And trust me, you won’t find a better team than this one. Marketing professionals, consultants, government contractors, interior designers – all in one (virtual) room, helping one another to face the current crisis like SHARKS!